Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I can crochet!!!  I love it!!!  What else can I say?

Probably nothing very earth shattering or inspiring, but i am very capable of wittering on for a few paragraphs, especially since the genuine interest initially shown by John and James seems to have lost it's spontaneity.
"That's reeaalllyy gooood, Mummy"  seems to have a slightly patronising edge - hmmm. True, I have been accosting anyone in my path, waving a few remnants of yarn in their face screeching things like - "Look! decreased trebles!"
Anyway, I thought I would share my new found skills with you here, as I know there are some who might appreciate my excitment.

I am "corrie fisted", born into the age when society was just getting over the idea that there was something wrong with being left handed. My father, also born a leftie, was forced to use his right hand at school by some rather draconian teaching methods.  It seemed a big deal to everyone  - parents, grandparents, teachers etc, so as a child I was aware of this 'handicap' and probably hid behind it to an extent. " I can't knit/crochet/peel potatoes because I am left handed".  It all sounds so unbelievably barbaric now, but it is true.  Eventually, though, I learned to knit and peel potatoes and write very neatly, and had a very happy childhood.  But I could never crochet. Many lovely people tried to show me, left handed and right handed ways.  There was just some block there - I couldn't pull the wool though - got totally tangled up and was unable to see what I was supposed to be doing.  I just couldn't find the key to that wonderful room marked crochet.
So, I just picked up the knitting pins and cast on.  I like knitting, but I am very s-l-o-w, and I get bored quickly with my current project - always drooling on Ravelry and in yarn shops for the next thing.
In fact it was in our wonderful new yarn shop the other day - Thursday, it was, when I found out they were taking names for various workshops - crochet being one.   I duly signed up for it (and the quilting, and the finishing for knitters :0 ), but then, I was hit by an irresistable urge to crochet RIGHT NOW!

Sorry - I suddenly saw a few folks nodding off at the back there, so felt I needed some pictorial stimulus!

Anyway, I found a wonderful little booklet - Crochet unravelled - for beginners of all ages - umm - that'll be me then; bought a 4mm hook and headed home to my stash basket.  It is a really good book - very concise, as the cover says, and I learned really basic but crucial things like how to hold the hook and yarn -duh - it makes such a difference!
So there I was on Friday, chaining away for all I was worth. One of the great things about crochet is that it is sooo portable - no more sharp pointy needles sticking out of the bag, or stitches unravelling.  I can just stuff the wool and hook into my pocket, camera round my neck and off we jolly well go!
By Sunday, with some extra help from the very obliging Donna, Mikey and others on Youtube, I was half trebling with the best of them - and the great thing is, I now kind of understand what is happening.  I can see how the stitches work and how they are constructed.

It isn't perfect by any means - the petals on my Daisy face cloth (Debbie Bliss eco cotton)  are a bit wonky, but I love love love the whole hooky thing.  I started this late last night, and I am almost done!
Of course there is soooo much crochet goodness out there to inspire - here, here and oh - here.  I feel as if I have stepped into a whole new world of colour.

I feel that I could almost be ready to Ripple!   What do you think?

Oh - and since this is Wednesday, and this is a bit of a yarn, I thought I would join in agin with Ginny's yarn along -quite exciting to have to add CROCHET to my linky thing.
Aside from the aforementioned Crochet Unravelled, I am  reading Amanda and Steve Soule's Rythm of the Seasons.  I will be doing a book review for The Mother magazine on this - but just lets say it will probably be favourable :)
I am also re-reading my other favourite magazines, as I feel very homey now that Autumn is beginning.  The new issues will be out in the next few days, but I am in need of a cosy country homes fix just now, so the pile of back copies are being raided.
James is completely fascinated by ships at the moment. We have quite a few books on boats and shipping, but he found this one about Hebridean shipping at the library yesterday.  it is quite nice - lots of lovely old black and white pictures and not too many dull facts and figures - quite useful for the bedtime story reader.
Well, that is me at the moment - if you stayed to the end - thank you for letting me babble on about my latest crafty fad.  I think the hook is now my best friend - I have just created a "crochet" tag on the blog, so I am sure you will see it feature over the coming months.


  1. I'm not left handed. But I couldn't figure crochet out for the life of me. So I took up knitting. Very recently (as in a month and a half) I decided that I was going to learn to crochet Right Now. And I did. So I share your sense of accomplishment. It's an amazing feeling to figure something out that eluded you before. Congrats on a job well done!

  2. Hooray for learning to crochet! You really have been crocheting up a storm over there. Good job :)

  3. Well, from one leftie to another I say Congratulations! I think your crochet looks beautiful. My Mother is a crocheter as was her mother. I was the only left hander and never learned. I taught myself to knit last year with youtube [which I just love] and have knit every single day since. Did you know we even have our on day? August 13th! xx

  4. Jacqui your crochet is great! It's a skill I'm yet to pluck up the courage to have a go at :) Your reading pile looks good too, looking forward to reading your review when it comes out xx

  5. I have only learnt to crochet this year too. My granny squares I am really happy doing them and love the look of them.
    I got the Rythm of the Seasons this week too and am trying to read it amongst half a dozen other books.
    I also am a beginner knitter and am just loving the whole yarn thing.

  6. Oh Good for you! Crocheted stuff is awesome. One day I will learn. Right now I am fortunately in contact with a man who likes to crochet and needs little people to crochet for...and I have one of those little people. Lucky us.
    My mom was also left handed and forced to write with her other hand. She feels her writing is horrible because of this earlier training. But she knits really well.

  7. Yay for learning to crochet, learning new skills is always exciting and fun!! my sister is fab at crocheting, she tried to teach me, I am left handed and she is right handed, I couldn't grasp it at all :( in fact if I remember rightly I threw the hook in fustration ;) there's another form of crochet she does amigurumi which is a japanese style of crochet I believe, making little dolls and bears..have a look on google, they are lovely :) xx

  8. Well you know I cannot knit and seem to only be able to crochet, so I am soooo excited for you!!! And so pleased for your joy!!
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a good crochet donkey pattern-where the legs actually look like legs and not bull bits. (Hope that wasn't too offensive-I am in earnest about those legs-you saw the photos).
    A tip for you: get yourself some of the large safety pins. When you are going to tote your work with you, put a safety pin in that last loop when you put your work away. At home it is not needed so much because your project will not get jostled like it will in a bag or satchel. If you put a pin in that last loop (that was/is on the hook), it cannot unravel in the bag, causing you to have to go back and count stitches. Does that make sense?
    Did I mention YAY!!! ?
    Do tell James that next month, September 19, there is the Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arghhh! Hats and eye patches, etc. are encouraged! And you could make him some (pretend) grog!

  9. Congratulations! I had to learn how to crochet in elementary school when I was about 6 or 7 years old and hated every moment of it. We had to crochet a square pincushion and I was the only one with a triangular one because I never got that second square made. I do enjoy it a lot more now and I am currently searching for yarn to make a ripple blanket. Happy Hooking!

  10. Your post made me smile and nod so many times! The slightly patronising comments from family, when you excitedly show them a new skill that they really can't see, mine was cable last night!!

    Then the loveliness of crochet, how addictive it is. I often feel like a traitor to knitting, as crochet is just so much quicker!

    Enjoy learning your new craft, I am looking forward to seeing more, and there will never be a patronising comment!!

  11. What a lovely view you have. Glad that you're liking a new craft. I don't know how to crochet. My daughter has taught herself and needs to teach me.

  12. I've been enjoying the Soule's book, too. Your coffee looks wonderful! I love those artistic leaves that the baristas make so well on the top :)

  13. fantastic , i too am a newbie crocheter but love it . Have you been here

    Lucy's style is very accessible for newbies

  14. I love to crochet and knit..your crocheting is beautiful.. Great job!!!


  15. Lovely crocheting! It's something I've always wanted to learn. I've tried a few times but it has never quite made sense to me. Feeling a little inspired to try picking it up again now!

  16. Yay!!! I think I remember saying to you that one day you will get it just like I finally did earlier this year as another leftie ;-) and that's the book that helped me too when I had that "gotta learn to crochet" moment.
    So pleased for you, I knew it was something you wanted to learn too.

  17. Aww I knew you would all get it! You are all very kind.
    Thanks for the tip Meggs - that date is now on the calendar.
    Great news about the cable Claire! Well done.
    SF - I have only recently discovered that blog - such wonderful things. I am working through the archives right now.
    How great that so many of you are new crocheters. You were right Dawn, it suddenly clicked and I was there. Linzi - you should get your name down for the crochet workshop in Stornoway too. Ericasue - I urge you to give it another
    go - I am so happy to have cracked this.

  18. Just lovely! My youngest of the eldest girls is left handed and knitting completely flawed her when she was young, so she taught herself to crochet. Soon after the knitting clicked and she can now fair teach her old ma a thing or two!!

    Looking forward to reading your book review in The Mother, had been wondering about said book, but bookcases are groaning in our house, so am reluctant to add yet another! Maybe my local library might get a copy who knows!

    Hugs San xx

  19. Good for you! I knit , but I have never crocheted, maybe this is something I should try! Beautiful photos! xxx

  20. yay for crocheting! I'm sure you can go for the ripple :)

  21. Looking fab, and it looks like your tension is nice and consistent too! Ripple is very, very easy hun, go and check out the pattern by Lucy over on Attic 24 (blog), she writes very simple & effective patterns with picture tutorials.


  22. Yay, well done. It all looks very neat as well.


  23. Welcome to the world of Hook - It is a lovely place to be.
    Your samples are looking wonderful and I love all the colours you are playing with. Crochet sure is good for those leftovers in a way knitting never is!

  24. this made me giggle, how thrilling it is to learn this new craft! you seem to have picked it up quite quickly too, i think you should be able to make anything you like. I've been feeling the need for a granny square something and you've inspired me!

    and oh! that view! happy hooking!

  25. Oh well done. My grandmother and Aunt were great crotchers and one of my sisters picked up on it but it wasn't until we were teaching crotchet at school that I had a go. I can do granny squares and I've made a few beanies but I just find Crotchet patterns impossible to decipher and so even though I've been tempted and quite frustrated at times I've just stuck to the one stitch. I should get together with my sister, she's such a whizz, but it's the 'time' you know! But I get what you mean about the portability , but I just don't have any trouble reading knitting patterns - maybe there's some sort of block there.

  26. The addition of the pictorial stimulus was perfect... not because I was nodding off, (In fact, I was riveted) but because I just needed to see that bag in the fabulous fabric, that beautiful scenery and the lovely cuppa whatever that is!

    Good for you! I still don't crochet but would love to learn... hmmm...

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. are you kidding? You just learned?! Those look amazing. I love crochet - so fast and Fun :)

  28. My German grandmothers crocheted dresses for us and send them over to Australia. It was always so exciting receiving their parcels...such a lovely positive memory. My mother crocheted the girls lots of dolls...they're looking worse for wear now, but the girls still keep them for sentimental reasons. Pleased to hear you overcome the left handed messy handwriting dilemma. Can you teach Eliza? Pretty please? Love, Veronika

  29. Congrats on your new skill! Have tons of fun!!!

    It's funny, really, I'm told crochet is simple and fun... yet, I weave, I knit, I felt, I spin, I do all sorts of fiber-y things, but I don't know how to crochet. But then, I've never tried to learn...

  30. I'm so excited by your post! And for two reasons.

    Firstly, I too am desperate to learn to crochet. It's on my interminable "to do" list, which isn't getting any shorter at the moment. I assure you, I too will be very excited and very much humoured in my excitement when I finally figure it out.

    Secondly, how peculiar that having never seen the book title before, I now have two references to "Crochet unravelled" in one day. The other was in "Your left-handed child" which I just bought from Amazon to find what I need to do as a right-handed parent to support my leftie toddler as he learns new skills.

  31. this makes a great read! i have always thought about crocheting but knitting is my thing. i am very impressed with your wool work here and commend you highly for giving a go. maybe i should take that book out of the library? you inspire me!

  32. Welcome to the addictive world of crochet!!!!

  33. yippee! I feel exactly the same way about knitting, so I can totally relate to the excitement and the children's blase - 'yeah, looks good Mom' said in bored, not again voice!
    Ripples are so much fun - my absolute favorite afghan to crochet.
    Congrats again on your new skill

  34. I was hooked on crocheting last winter and have promised myself to try to knit more this winter. Interesting post, I read it all, and your pieces look beautiful, you'll have a large blanket before you know it :)

  35. So nice to hear from you all = great to think that I am among such like minded folks. Thanks goodness for BLogworld.
    Smiley Mel - how funny - glad it was of help.

    I really would encourage everyone who thinks they can't learn to give it a nother go. I honestly thought I was a lost cause, but today - guess what? I bought some of the wool to start my ripple!!!

  36. Wonderful post - and thanks for the laugh with the photographic interlude. Your happiness is catching, I want to crochet! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  37. Your crochet looks great, I have been learning for ages but keep getting distracted and by the time I get back to it I have forgotten again!!
    Been following you for a while, you are living my dream, I am still stuck in west lothian!!
    I am passing you the versatile blogger award thingy today, if you want to do anything about it details are at my place!

  38. those are some great views- I used to crochet as a young girl but have not gotten back into it- thanks for the inspiration.

  39. I just discovered your blog. What a lucky person you are to live in beautiful Scotland! Crocheting is the best. I taught myself last summer via many blog tutorials and YouTube videos and am also hooked. I am now trying an African flower hexagon blanket.

    Hugs from Holland ~
    home and garden blog - TheCranberryChronicle
    handwork blog - AllMyScatteringMoments

  40. Thanks again - I love to imagine all this crocheting unleashed!
    Alison - Hello - lovely to meet you - wish i had when I was in West Lothian - it is not such a bad place. Thank you for the award :)Your blog is lovely.
    heidi - hello to you too :) I will pop over and see your blanket and other things.
    I love how i can just pop over to Holland just like that!
    Ren - would love to see what you make.
    Christine - lol - give it a go. xx


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