Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Loving

A lot to love over the past two weeks, with my elder daughter, son in law and two grandchildren joining us for their Summer break. We had such a wonderful time, and miss them so much.  A much longer post than normal today, then, as I relive some of those precious memories.

Long lazy breakfasts

Reconnecting with the sacred stones.

Superheroes - superdogs too.

Beach days, which turn into beach evenings.

Gorgeous girls

Candy floss

Boys - and tractors

Crafting and cooking sessions in the kitchen.  Erin joining in already.

Visiting a Blackhouse.  

Finding a fabulous new deli-takeaway nearby - with the best beet salad in the world (probably)

Lovely gifts from Blog friends. 

( Two in the post - thank you to, lovely Claire for the Friendship heart -such a lovely surprise; and my headscarf giveaway prize, courtesy of the wonderful Joxy.  I was priveleged to meet Christine, her family, and their friends for a quick coffee at the Calanais centre and touched by her beautiful gift of a handknitted Angel dischcloth.  It was so nice to meet them, and Christine is every bit as lovely as she sounds on her blog.)

Loving, two boys in the back of our truck, listening to Finlay singing and endless repeats of this cd. Loving too, how James looks just slightly fed up with it all.  Ten days of non-stop action and play takes its toll even on Superheroes.

So, we loved some quiet pyjama mornings too.

Garden open day around the local villages - total inspiration.

And off we go, on our own again - spinning into the next week.  

Summer is such a busy time, and so much is going on that I want to hold on to - especially now as we head into August. Each Sunday I am posting a series of snapshots of things I have loved in the past week.  Those ordinary but special moments that might have gone unnoticed or forgotten  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude and warmth when the days are short again.

Giveaway prizes are now ready to be posted off tomorrow. 


  1. Lovely atmospheric pix, as usual. Looks like you had a lovely family time. Our grandson is due out in a few weeks time and J is already planning excursions etc., to our local pool, the Med, kiddies playparks etc. On the note of swallows, I've just had another visit from an entire family: they flew in the open windows and zipped around for a minute or so, one of them (a youngster) pausing for breath on top of my CD rack, where it remained unconcerned by my presence for a good few minutes, looking curiously around, before taking off again only when I stood up and moved. Delightful!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a busy and full time with your daughter and family. Your grands are just beautiful. I just found out that my second grand will be born in March...I am just a little excited here!xx

  3. It looks like all had so much fun! Glad you had a splendid visit with daughter and her family.

    I think the tea cup picture is my favorite out of all, but they're all so fantastic!

  4. That does look like a very busy, fun-filled week. What wonderful memories you have been busy making.

  5. those are lovely photos and show what a happy couple of weeks you've had. I love the beach pictures, it must be so special to have all that close by and so unspoilt and uncomercialised. Lots more happy weeks to come too. xxxxx

  6. Lovely photos, the babies are gorgeous x

  7. i can't quite get over how big Erin is already!

    lovely pics....and it sounds like you had the most wonderful time with your beloveds.


  8. Fabulous photos of fabulous family times. Memories in the making.

  9. Cozy and so heartwarming to see your photos!

  10. You captured a beautiful time.... beautifully.

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. You take some lovely pictures. A real joy to check out your blog!

  12. Thanks all fro dropping by.
    Iain - what a lovely story about the swallows - a wonderful moment. x
    Tracy - Woohoo! What fantastic news! - congratulations to you and your children. I loved being a Granma for the second time - I think I felt more at ease in the role - just like having children, but in a different way. xx
    It has been so nice just reliving these moments as I posted the pictures - it was such a dreamy holiday.
    JM - Hello and thank you - I am glad you enjoyed your visit. xxx

  13. absolutely delightful photos! thanks for sharing your special time with us. my favorite i think has to be the last one with the teacup and is that James in it?


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