Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Loving

This week I have loved:

Going out for breakfast.

Men who mow.

Sheepdog trials.

and beaches.



finding footprints from long ago on our garden path

and getting creative in the kitchen.

Phew - let's get ready now to glide smoothly into another week.

Summer is such a busy time, and so much is going on that I want to hold on to. Each Sunday I am posting a series of snapshots of things I have loved in the past week.  Those ordinary but special moments that might have gone unnoticed or forgotten  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude and warmth when the days are short again.

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* These are modern sheilings, still used mainly at peat cutting time, rather than the traditional summer sheilings described in the link page.


  1. Hi! Just reading blogs and I was lucky to stumble upon yours. :) What a great set of pictures for the week...I love what you do with them and the idea of chronicling your week like you did.

  2. You really live a beautiful life. A sickle? Awesome.

  3. Once again beautiful photos. I love the sickle!Quite a skill to use one so I've heard. A very busy but glorious week by the look of it.x

  4. Lovely. What a full life you live.

  5. I echo what Grace and Susan have said. you have a lovely life ... thank you for sharing it with us. Bless you as you head into another week.

  6. Love the texture in the scrapyard shots. Have a lovely week.

  7. Hey lovely, your blog really does remind me of old Scotland. Its all mixed in my mind with memories of childhood, the smell of heather, Andy Stewart music, ladies called Flora MacDonald, home baking, and my granny. Its a nice place to visit.

  8. A good week!
    Breakfast out....bliss!!

    The old type of shieling is like our hafod...haf=summer...generally up a mountain!

  9. gorgeous - as always. i love the shots of the rusted bits from the scrapyard....they have soul to them, y'know?

    and i always learn something when i come here -- now i know what a shieling is...;)


  10. Great pictures I love the look of the coffee cup, I just saidon my Facebook page food was a plan and now you have prompted my to go make a coffee. XXX Have a good week. Don

  11. What a beautifully full week you have had. I do adore having breakfast out and then having an exciting adventure afterwards. Visiting a mill shop sounds just lovely.

  12. You sure do get about ! Life lived to the fullest, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you Jaqui.

  13. The world is full of wonderful, and you found a beautiful assortment! Of course, your photography made it all the more beautiful...

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
    Much love.

  15. Wonderful photos!
    Last year I went around to the hardware stores trying to find a Scythe. No one knew what I was talking about even!
    Oh how I would love to watch a sheepdog trial!
    Have a great week!
    meggs. xx

  16. It was a full week in Lewis.

    Lovely pictures as always.

  17. What beautiful photographs of things that are hardly ordinary for most of the rest of us! Thank you. It looks like you've had a very full week.

  18. I just loved this post. So poetic, so vivid. I would love to be in that tweed mill, on the sidelines in that lovely sheepdog trial, and in and about the scrapyards.

  19. What a full and beautiful week....the scythe takes me back to a childhood deep in Welsh countryside.

    Love your photos as always...and that Celtic harp...oh :~)

  20. Beautiful moments all. Such a charmed weekend.


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