Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Loving

 Feeling a bit under the weather at the start of the week, so I have stayed close to home. And sometimes it is good to have a reason to s-l-o-w down a bit more - maybe I needed reminding.  So, what have I been loving this week?

Drinking lots of this

and lots and lots of this

Catching up with some quiet reading -  having lots of caring cuddles from my lovely boy, - truly the best medicine in the world.

and  then doing a little of this.

Feeling better by midweek I made a trip to the peat bank.  I love seeing our peat stacks grow higher, imagining our cosy Winter fires.  I love this place when the sun is shining, the scent of the sweet wildflowers and grasses are wafting on the breeze, and larksong is filling the air - and it was that day.

 Much brighter by the end of the week. How I love wearing this skirt - it just shouts Summer! Heading of for another day out at another show.

Yellow sheep - already for the evening dress round. (yes it is a dye)

Fabulous prize winning vegetables (not mine!)

Highland dancing

Some prizes in the photgraphy section (2 firsts!!)

Soft Summer rain

and off we sail into another week.  

Summer is such a busy time, and so much is going on that I want to hold on to. Each Sunday I am posting a series of snapshots of things I have loved in the past week.  Those ordinary but special moments that might have gone unnoticed or forgotten  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude and warmth when the days are short again.

ps.  I am planning a little giveaway later on in the week, to celebrate my 300th post, so be sure to check back.   xx


  1. Blackberry and nettle tea is good, too.
    Why yellow sheep?

  2. I love blogs! It's so nice to get to see the beauty in the lives of others I would never have met otherwise. Great pictures!

  3. ....and sorry you aren't feeling well.

  4. A good blog to read...

  5. Looks like a lovely week, in spite of not feeling well. Glad you're on the mend! I love that photo of the peat. I am playing along with your summer loving theme today:
    Happy week ahead!

  6. Glad your feeling better :0) ((((hugs)))) Lovely your teapot!! When we were looking at moving to Ballalan we where talking to the neighbours about peat banks...I would love to get involved but wouldn't know where to start..its on my list of things to do! I wasn't happy about missing the point show yesterday but it totally left my mind and I only remembered on route to Ness!! Have a lovely week ahead..keep on taking your lovely pics too! xx

  7. Sorry you've not been feeling well. Nearly gave you a call in the week, but figured you'd be too busy, perhaps I should have!

    Love that picture of the spinning wheel! Please, please, please put that in your shop, I'd buy a bunch!!

  8. Thank you all for your good wishes - it was really nothing serious - just feeling a wee bit achey and a croaky voice - just a day or so of slow soon sorted it out.
    Claire - I am never too busy... And - a series of spinning cards might be a good idea - thanks.
    Linzi - we had no idea either - but there is no shortage of advice ;) Someone locally was making tariskers, so if you go ahead then give me a shout and I'll get their number. ballalan is nice - we are going to the Lochs show next week. Glad tou enjoyed Ness gala - we might go there next year instead of Point.
    GZ - thank you for that link - another beautiful blog tempting me to stay at the screen :)
    FT - that is what I love about blogging - those insights you would never ever have known about. otherwise. xx

  9. Yellow sheep? I used to think they were that colour! Now, as a 'seasoned' sheep owner - lol, I know they are special shampoos that you buy especially for titivating up the sheep when you are showing them. it shows up the fleece better, apparently. There are lots of different colours available - who knew such a world existed? ;)

  10. Sorry you were feeling unwell, glad you listened and too time to rest and look after yourself.

    Yes, spinning cards would be lovely - I have a bunch that a member of the Guild was selling last year - they're so lovely.

    Gosh isn't James looking all grown up these days.

    Congrats on the rosettes for the photography, maybe some veg next year? That basket is gorgeous.

    Dawn x

  11. Love your summer loving!
    Glad you are feeling better now.
    I love nettle tea and your summer skirt!
    Would love toee your prize winning photos. Bet they were

  12. gorgeous piccies as always..

    glad you're feeling better - i LOVE nettle's just the thing for about everything. i must pick some up...haven't had any in ages. nettle-dandelion-mint is a fave cocktail of mine...;)

    congrats on your photo winnings -- the menfolk look resplendent in the rosettes!!

    thank you once again for sharing your little patch of does my soul such good to see your photos...


  13. Congratulations on the photography wins - you deserved it!

    I'm digging through my photographs to see if I've got a shot of you on any of them...

  14. Congratulations on the photography wins - you deserved it!

    I'm digging through my photographs to see if I've got a shot of you on any of them...

  15. Another wonderful week beautifully captured :) Congratulations on your photography 1st's and wonderful rosettes beautifully displayed by your loved ones :)who are obviously very proud of you...
    Sue Xxxx

  16. Ah.. so sorry to hear you were under the weather earlier this week. Hope you continue to feel better!

    I love the dyed sheep -- they make me giggle. Have you dyed yours yet?

    Congratulations on your photography wins!

  17. Emily - thanks - John is seriously considering showing one of our sheep so who knows what he will do!!!
    Sue - thank you - they have been wearing those rosettes all day!
    Trish - thanks very much.I will be doing another post on the show tomorrow...
    Tony - Thank you - you have to enter next year. I don't think you are in any of my pictures - I didn't seem to get many background people in.
    Dawn - thanks - he really seems to have taken a stretch recently.
    Mel - nice to hear from you - hope all is well. That sounds like a good combination. xx

  18. sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. glad you are on the mend. congratulations on the photography prizes!

    i enjoy seeing your peat piles grow. there is something very satisfying about growing and harvesting something and putting it away for another day ... provision for oneself. absolutely fantastic.

    your pictures are so lovely. they always make me feel relaxed and peaceful. thank you. i can almost feel the soft summer rain .. my personal favorite.

    i hope you have a wonderful week.

  19. Oooh lovely photos. Glad you're feelilng better hun.

    Oooh where did you get the nettle leaves from hun? I have bags but after finding out that most teabags have plastic in em these days, I'm opting for loose leaves, and I do like nettle tea (good for slimming too :-) lol)

    Oooh, and just a quickie, the scarf, I'll need to send it Tuesday hun, forgot I have the cleaning ladies coming tomorrow, and then I'm having the wee boy for a bit while his mum goes for an appt, then a lady in the afternoon to see me about minding her 7yr old for a few days for a few weeks in the summer hols.. so not sure I'll fit in going to the post office lol.

  20. Hi Jacqui! Thanks so much for your lovely words over on Milkmoon! I'm delighted to have made your acquaintance. What a wonderful life you lead! And what a wonderful blog. (Yes, oh fellow Hipstamatic lover!)

    And thank you to GZ for sharing my link. C xx

  21. How I love my herbal teas, I shall be enjoying one shortly of chamomile, raspberry, oatstraw and lemonbalm... Love the little collie of your son's.. Happy Birthday.

  22. Yeah, writing a blog is a good way to slow down and really to remember little things in our life.
    Reading blogs and finding new ones is like endless way of daily inspiration.
    Hopefully You feel better now!

  23. Hello Earthboys - i am a big fan of oatstraw - the most comforting drink in the world.
    Ciara - those effects are just wonderful. So nice to have found you.
    Loxy - no worries - please don't harrass yourself. These leaves came from Napiers in Edinburgh - they do mail order. Neals Yard has them too.
    JTS - i do love the rain picture - maybe not too many right now though.

  24. Hi Apseed - you are right - It is lovely to read back the older posts and see how far we have come. xx

  25. Lovely pictures, Jacqui especially the soft rain image.
    I love your down to earth blogness. Glad you are feeling better but I do love a go slow few days, nurtuing yourself and taking stock.

  26. On the wall behind your photo of hubby and James, looks like a quilt??? If so, could you post a picture of it? Did you make it? It looks so lovely.

  27. Hmmm. Maybe I should try dying my fleece a color...I might show a bit better! lol!
    Glad you are feeling better and congrats on the 2 prizes!!
    Love that skirt too!
    All the photos are wonderful and despite feeling croaky and achey, you week sounded lovely!


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