Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Loving

 This week I have been loving...
Hidden lochans covered with water-lilies,

 long lazy lunches at our favourite table

while we watch the ferry dock.

Working together at the peat bank..

old rusty gate posts - still standing, proud...

Sheep fanks, cattle and caterpillars.

Summer toes,

 beach delights
Exhibition opening nights.

A colourful tangle of beach found twine

just - being - here...

and let's get ready to dig into another week!

Summer is such a busy time, and so much is going on that I want to hold on to. Each Sunday I am posting a series of snapshots of things I have loved in the past week.  Those ordinary but special moments that might have gone unnoticed or forgotten  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude and warmth when the days are short again.


  1. I love your collection. Looks like you had a fabulous summery week. I didn't know you had waterlillies on your lochans. Thought it would be too cold. Just goes to show you, that you learn new things from loads of different sources. How pretty is that! Have a great week this week.

  2. Ahh, thank you for sharing your lovely week, I almost feel I've been on my hols, looking at your photos.
    My that beautiful boy of yours is growing way to fast :)
    Blessings from our family to yours xx

  3. I think my favourite is 'just being here'
    Sue :)

  4. haha- great summer toes- and those mussels have my mouth watering.

  5. Such beautiful photos! I've said it before and I'll probably say it again. You live in a glorious part of the world. So glad you're enjoying your summer.

  6. Lovely summer photos. Reading your blog is like reading a good book that you don't want to put down.

    Summer blessings to you.

    Oh and you will have to tell me how to do those lovely application things to your photos. I will learn how to be in the world of technology one day.


  7. DEB. Oh yes, the water-pillows are spectacular especially on the West coast of the country.
    Blessings to you too Sur I actually noticed myself how tall J is when I posted the peat bank pictures.
    Ren - the local seafood is wonderful just now.
    Sue@home - thank you - that is my favourite too!
    Thank you Kate- I do appreciate being here every day.
    Deb- what a lovely thing to say - so glad you are enjoying it. If you have an iPhone, there are lots of different retro camera apps you can download. I just have a play around
    - this is hipstamatic. xx

  8. More beautiful photos of Island Life. I especially love the Evening Walk with James. It looks so peaceful. Lovely water lillies too.

  9. beautiful, tranquil, precious pictures

  10. Mmm I suspected it would be an Iphone but was hoping not as I don't have one. I know all about the processes pre-digtal era but now I know nothing! Maybe one day.

    Enjoy your week.

  11. hi there, new to the blogging world and enjoying your posts, so positive,beautiful photos and a little wisdom thrown in too.(true,kind,neccessary)thankyou for sharing ! Cheers.

  12. What lovely photos, thanks for posting.

    Is the favorite table at the arts centre in Stornoway? I spent a very happy afternoon there and I seem to remember rather amazing cupcakes!

  13. Lol - I have just noticed my typo - water-pillows? Could be a good thing though. of course I meant water-lillies ;)
    Hello Andrea - welcome and thank you very much for your lovely comment.xx
    Bonnie - Oh yes - I do love to linger over those cupcakes and then visit the shop. There is a link to An lanntair on my sidebar - always lots going on there - especially next week. xx

  14. Oh , I *so* love your life ! Thank you for making my summer all that much more educational and enjoyable. Here in the West Mountains of Napa Valley, it's dry , arid, scorching hot, and I crave a little cool Northern Isle escape. :) ~Jen

  15. I love that I get to have a little peek into your summer days and I love the summer toes; may have to do a pair of those here! I hope your week is a fantastic one!

  16. Love summer toes and all your pictures!


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