Friday, July 22, 2011

This moment...

A single image, no words, capturing a precious moment from my week.  A simple moment that I want to pause, savour and remember. 

I am so happy to be joining in with Soulemama  again this week. Wishing you all a joyful weekend


  1. The color, the scene, the center of attention...everything is absolutely perfect! Beautiful moment to share :)

  2. Oh it is always so wonderful to be by the sea. Happy days!xxx

  3. It looks glorious, chilly but glorious.

  4. Oh, the beach! Fun, no matter the weather...lovely photograph!

    Our moment (plus a bit extra today):



  5. To have a buddy to run and play with is the best...and doing it on the beach is even better! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your grands! xx

  6. OMG-I love this photo!
    I am so glad you are have a great time.
    I am so confused by your weather. Only 50 something F. Wasn't '09 and'10 one of the hottest on record?
    Have a marvelous magical weekend!

  7. Beautiful photo. Love how the red cape is bright and the other colours are muted. You must be far away from where I am, as there is a heat wave going on here and your little people are over dressed for it!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Thank you all for your comments. How to explain the Hebridean weather? Hmmm - a few degrees cooler than the mainland - and if you wait 10 minutes it will change. Last Sunday/Monday was awful. Lashing rain and howling winds. It slowly improved and this picture was taken on Tuesday when it was about 8 pm. There was a fairly stiff breeze blowing off the Atlantic, so jackets are always a good idea. The rest of the week has been very warm and sunny - beach weather every day. I never check the temperatures as it is never really too hot. I work in centigrade too, so I will have to go away and calculate what 50f means.

  9. Ok, I'm back with the newly googled knowledge that 13 dec celsius is 55 F. Well, it felt a bit warmer than that on the beach yesterday and this afternoon, but very pleasant indeed. Just nice. xx

  10. 13C/55F is COLD!!!
    Oh you Scots!!!
    Later Gran!

  11. Awesome. Love the moments of childhood that I see here.

  12. It is more fun to see Interesting waves!!

  13. How sweet! And it sweetens my day to know that someone else out there is enjoying a summer as cold as mine here in northern Canada.

  14. An absolutely exquisite photo. You caught that moment perfectly.


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