Monday, July 11, 2011

Point Show

The Point Agricultural show marks the cycle of another year for us.  Finally getting the keys to our croft house last June, it was the first island event we attended as residents. So although not our local show, it does hold a special place.  This year, we were much more interested in the sheep competitions, and seemed to spend a lot of time there.  But of course there were many other attractions too.

The flower show

The vegetable growing.

The Highland Dancing competition. (The lady sitting near the stage watching very carefully is the judge)

and the Home Industries events

The children were catered for - bouncy castle, balloons, face painting. The Police and Fire brigade were in attendance, letting the wee ones sit in their cars and engines and let off the sirens - sounded very popular!

Then the prizes were brought out

and lined up in front of the Crofter's lorry - the ubiquitous 'stage' for many of these events.

No shiny silver cup, but two very red rosettes in the photography section!  And - ermm - shifts around nervously from one foot to another - uhmm - modestly casts eyes downwards - here are the prizewinning photos:

Well - the little bark boat had to go in - and it won the Open section.  This seaweed picture scooped the Abstract category.  Nice little result all in all. A good day.


  1. As soon as I saw that little boat, many many posts ago when it was first put on, I fell in love with it. It just conjures up thoughts of having time for such simple pursuits and I am wishing to back to such a time.

  2. Well done on your prizes...those pictures definitely deserve it xxx

  3. One whole year of your new adventure! Wow!! What a lovely way to celebrate!

  4. I'm so taken with your blog, as a new reader here. I live in the US, and your part of the world has always fascinated me. I'd never even heard of the word "crofter" before, and wouldn't you know it, it keeps coming up now! Your little place on the web has become a fast favorite for me. Thank you for sharing all of this goodness :)

  5. I love a good show. We have a good village one in August. One year I caught a neighbour in the garden of another neighbour pinching the roses to enter into the competition. She looked very guilty. It just made be smile-village politics.

    Well done on your winning images.

  6. Congratulations, they are certainly wonderful photos and that little boat is just gorgeous. It looks like a great show, much like the agriculture shows we used to have here. They are long gone now, been taken over by the side show type of thing. Oh well progress!!

  7. It looks like there was something for everyone, as it should be, lovely photos and very you :)
    Sue XXx

  8. Lovely pictures, deserving on their prizes x

    I wondered if you were going to share the pictures you mentioned the rosettes for in yesterdays post.

  9. Love it, well done Jacqui! I can't wait til our local show this year in August. Hen would have loved the sirens, what great guys! xx

  10. Congratulations on your ribbons, how exciting. I love the little bark boat!xx

  11. That just looks like fun. Congratulations on your photos, always loved the little boat!

  12. Wonderful photos! The seaweed picture is so neat and the little raft is great.

    It all looks like so much fun!

  13. Another beaut day at Lewis, and a prize for the photos!must agree the little boat is a good one.Also brought back a few memories, as a child(nana was scottish)myself and 2 sisters did highland dancing and competitions at shows, still have a little silver spoon i won. x

  14. Congrats! Those photos are just lovely and deserved to win. The Point Show sounds so interesting...I think I would have loved to go.

  15. Your photography is always impressive and I can see why those stunning examples were winners!! Don't be modest. Everyone is good at something and you just seem to have more than your fair share. It's O.K., I'm good with it... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. It looks like you had so much fun this weekend!

  17. I was looking at the entry forms for our county fair prior to viewing your latest blog entry. I was on the fence about entering one of my photos, but no longer. You have inspired me!

  18. CH - How should go for it! Do let me know how it goes.
    YDP - yes we did - thanks for dropping by too xx
    Deb - thank you - you are very sweet. xx
    CP - thank you - it was a good day - one of the younger shows here on the island, but it is well run. xx
    Andrea - how cool - glad it brought back good memories for you. xx
    Thank you Peg, Emily and Tracy - i do have a fondness for that little boat - it was such a lovely special day.xx
    Carly - i hope you enjoy your show - our local one is in August too. Oh hen would have had a ball! xx
    Dawn - I couldn't resist showing the boat again. xx

  19. Oh Jacqui!!! Your seaweed photo is AMAZING!!! That needs to be blown up and hung.
    (Not to discount the bark boat-which I love too).
    Oh those sweet peas! So beautiful as are the other flowers and the veg and I love that girls tartan (hope that is correct)-love the colors in it!
    I wonder if you do what I did. There were times in the first (and I think second too) year I was here where it would hit me and I would think "I did it! I actually made it out here!" And this sense of awe and wonder would wash over me.
    Oooo. Made myself tear up there. stupid menopause hormones.
    Congratulations on your first year there Jacqui. It has truly been wonderful sharing it with you-thank you for sharing it with us!
    Much love to you and all your family.
    meggs. xx

  20. Wow! So glad you shared the amazing photographs. They are wonderful. I love seeing your world. Thank

  21. Congratulations on your rosettes. :) Beautiful pictures. I love your header too. You definitely have an eye for a good picture. xx

  22. Hello Katiebird- welcome and thank you for such sweet comments. I hope you continue to enjoy your visits.
    PP - what a shame - some of the Gala days in the Central belt of the mainland have gone that way, but in the rural areas they are still like this.
    Debbie / that is a funny story - I'm sure there are stories like that here!
    Claire - yes already - how time flies!
    Deb - thank you - it was just a beautiful timeless day.
    And thank you Sur Shell and Geyneth - it was a really good day and I am thrilled with my ribbons. Xx

  23. Meggs - thank you. Though I say it myself - that seaweed just popped off the page! Hugs - I often find myself having thoughts like that . Those Wow moments! xx
    Thank you so much Trish and Laura- I am glad you enjoyed seeing them xx

  24. This looks very similar to our fairs. You guys go all out with the trophies. Wish we had the highland dancing. We do have fiddle contests.


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