Saturday, July 23, 2011

A pause.

In the midst of our Summer joy, comes a time of inexplicable horror.  We are all pebbles in the same water - tossing and rolling around in the current - touching each other as we move back and forwards in the stream.  Let us be still a moment and send love and healing - flowing now towards the wounded and mourning land of the Norse.
Blessings. xx


  1. bless you, lovely soul...

    prayers and light and healing are flowing from one northern land to another....


  2. Your words are are so beautiful. Wishing I could take the hurt away for them. Sending love and healing thoughts their way.

  3. Love and peace to all the in that beautiful

  4. We have had our share of these events in this country, which means sadly we know how this poor country must be feeling in the wake of it. Not much to say is there? May their Gods be with them.

  5. We have friends in Norway and my 13-year-old daughter has been very horrified by events. I think this is the first time that something like this has touched her so directly. All we can do is send healing thoughts and love. I believe that prayer isn't an insignificant gesture...

  6. senseless, horrific, heartbreaking.Truly madness knows no borders or political boundaries and exists everywhere.I truly grieve for an entire nation in mourning

  7. Beautifully stated Jacqui, and wonderful choice of photo.
    Sending positive love and light for healing and release.

  8. My heart has been so heavy since this tragedy in Norway. Yes let us hold them in our prayers. Thank you for this call to meditative action.

  9. So so sad, my love and light goes out to the people of Norway, Marie

  10. beautifully written. I think you captured it exactly.

    I have no words of what we can say. All I know is it is all very troubling.

    Thank you for calm loving words

  11. this statement is so simple, and so beautiful. Thank you.

    much love,

  12. "Let us be still a moment and send love and healing - flowing now towards the wounded and mourning land of the Norse."

    I agree. Be still and know that in solitude and silence there is peace.

    Cathy@blood pressure gauge


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