Friday, July 15, 2011

One Summer Day

The warmth and stillness of the early morning brought the promise of a fine day, but also the threat of the midge.  For that reason, we decided it was not the day to finish the peats - instead, with nothing else too pressing, we would have a day out.  John had a Gaelic group session  in the morning, at the community hall - a very important source of local information, so not to be missed. James and I packed up a picnic.

Spanish tortilla - the perfect picnic food, potato crisps, cake, juice and a flask of tea.  By this time, we had decided to go to the beach at Bosta, about a 20 minute drive away.

 I posted a picture of my ready-to-go beach bag a couple of weeks ago...but is is amazing how much extra stuff I seem to need right at the last minute.  Some frantic rushing around, finding other bags and flinging things in "just in case" (2 books, knitting, extra clothes, embroidery - embroidery? well- you just never know) and we were nearly ready for the off. I suppose I could have swept the floor....ho hum...  my floors are spotless in the Winter - honestly!

Just as we were heading out of the drive, a friend of John's came screeching up in his car.  An old building was being demolished in the village right that very moment and they could help themselves to the wood.  Not too sure of the substance in this story, but very keen on the idea of free wood, we dutifully trundled down after him.  We watched the demolition for a while, and ascertained that while part of it had been spoken for, we could have some - the operators said that they would put all stuff to be reclaimed aside. Thankful that we didn't have to deal with a ton of lumber right then, we headed back to the truck.  Another couple from the village had arrived by this time,to photograph the demolition.  While chatting to them, we discovered that tickets were available for a concert in the hall that night, as part of the HebCelt fesitval, so after duly purchasing these, from the centre, we finally set off for the beach.

and relax.......................

Picnic time and settling down to read, dig - maybe sew?  And then along came someone we knew!  She was there with her sister, father and 4 year old nephew.  James and M hit it off right away and before we knew they were digging down to Australia - hoping to see kangaroos - and then running about wildly and diving on the sand. We had a lovely peaceful chat with no need of other diversions.

But the call of the sea became insistent.  James and M headed down to the shore with our friend.  I followed, camera in hand, but once I got my feet in that water, I knew what I had to do.

It has been a long long time since I swam in the Atlantic waters of North West Scotland, but it felt amazing.  A wee bit cold to start with, but so pure and crystal clear.  It soon warmed up and we stayed in for ages.  No photos of J here, as he wasn't exactly decent - small boy on the beach and all, but it was such fun.  I had forgotten how good it feels to swim in the sea.
We stayed so long, we were almost late for our concert.  We made it - just - and sat there, glowing, at the back of the hall, with our hair still hanging in damp salty clumps and our feet covered in sand.


We heard some great Scottish traditional music from the Rua McMiIllan trio.

and then some fabulous Bluegrass from the Coal Porters

A lovely, endless, timeless, perfect Summer day.

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  1. What a beautiful day, the sea looks very inviting :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  3. The beach, a picnic, free lumber for later and a concert...what a simply wonderful day to be had! I have clean floors in the winter too. Summer? Not so much. xx

  4. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me! This is going to sound like a ridiculous comment, but I don't associate Scotland with the sea and swimming - when I think of Scotland, I think of green pastures and sheep! But it part of an island, for goodness sake! It has a coastline!

  5. now that sounds an absolute perfect day...

    i totally get the 'beach bag add-ins' LOL...i end up feeling a bit like a pack-mule once we finally get everything in that we *might* need...

    i'm dead jealous of your sea-dip -- i've come to realize i'm an utter snob when it comes to Water-I-Will-Swim-In...;)


  6. What a lovely, organic, go-with-flow kind of day. The best kind!

  7. idyllic is the word that comes to mind. how lovely to have a day that just takes you where the wind blows. it sounds like a wonderful time. i must make it to the islands some day to see that lovely sandy beach and the clear water.

  8. wow, what a day! guess what i did yesterday? yup swimming and picnicing on the beach :)

  9. lovely beach.
    Quite different photos of Lewis to a friend who also lives there. She tends to use black and white photography and old cameras, but it is just as evocative of the place.

  10. That water looked so inviting. You would have had to tie me down to keep me out of it,

  11. What an absolutely wonderful way to spend a summer's day right to the very end.

  12. Love Bluegrass music! :-) Btw, toenails are done!

  13. Got to say, doesn't that sea and beach look marvellous and inviting. And the evening gig looked interesting, too. Looks like a grand day, as all our neighbours on Skye were wont to say from time to time!

  14. the last time I swam in the sea was in Ardnamurchan where the sand was as white and the sea as turquoise as your photo. Stunning.Smiled at content of your bag! Never go away for the day without a good novel and a pair of socks on the needles!! Thanks for sharing your lovely day ...

  15. Wow, that beach... I love it when days just come together that way.

    Makes me want to move to Lewis more than ever before!

  16. Thank you everyone. I am still glowing!
    There are many fabulous beaches in Scotland, and the islands off the West Coast have so many. Ardnamurchan is stunning. We are spoilt for choice locally, but we have learnt since being here that you have to take your chances when they arise. We are so grateful we can do that.
    GZ- I know Andrea's blogs - she takes the most incredible images.

  17. I've known Andrea since the late 60s!
    Lovely person and very talented

  18. Ooh, I wanna!! It sounds like a grand day. The Oregon coast is beautiful but it doesn't provide crystal clear water and it is a bit violent with its waves and tide...

    Looks like just a heavenly day!

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. Another sigh here......magical.
    I love bluegrass too! x

  20. Your life and environs just seem so perfect, in a very surreal way. I'm thirsty to read more !

  21. Sounds so wonderful! Love the photos of you swimming.. I love swimming and haven't been in years.
    You sound like me with the bag. A book, no two, just in case...and hey take a notebook and pencil and pen... and, and, and. Hilarious!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Oh wow, what a wonderful day.
    I love that glowing feeling after a swim in the sea.
    Bet that concert was great!xxx

  23. I don't know why, but I didn't think the water was that blue and clear in Scotland. So nice! Nothing like some bluegrass to cap off a great day.

  24. What an amazing day. I really enjoy looking at your wonderful photos.


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