Friday, July 22, 2011


I had a fantastic response to the Giveaway - thank you to everyone who took part.  It was such fun to do, so i will do another one in November for my 3rd blog anniversary.  We printed off all the comments and mixed them up in a bowl - we had to find a bigger bowl in the end, once we added the eligible second entries (which was almost everyone - thank you all.)   Finlay made the draw, as you see, and James drew the runner up.  We decided that we had to have a runner up, as there was such a big response - and also James wanted to be videoed too - both boys  still in pyjamas - Finlay's inside out and back to front - lol. Sorry you have to tun on your side to view it - i think I held the phone the wrong way round ( we were very excited).
 Anyway, a small token will be on its way to Chris from Bees Make Honey, and the winner of the Lucky Bag is Mel  - Life as it happens.  Congratulations - can you please email me your contact details (see sidebar) and I will parcel up these goodies and get them off to you next week
Thank you all once again for your beautiful comments - it is so humbling to think you are all interested in our little part of the world.  I hope you still enjoy walking along with us.

Still distracted by baby toes, little boys running around; shouts of "Gran!"; realising that is me!; loving that; long breakfasts; another pot of tea, and beaches - yes....
I will be back to visit everyone soon. xxx


  1. omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!



    THANK YOU!!!!

    {big hugs to Finlay...he's a marvelous picker-outer}

    sounds like you're having a lovely visit with your beloveds...enjoy!!

    and another pot of tea is Always Good.

    thanks again...this is lovely..i'm just delighted.



  2. congratulations to the winners x

    Enjoy your "Granny" cuddles, sounds like you're having a great time xxx

  3. Congratulations to Mel and Chris!!
    Oh Jacqui-I loved that line:"Shouts of 'Gran!'; realising that is me!"

    That is so beautiful and so are YOU!
    meggs. xx

  4. Your blog is like a birthday and Christmas and summer vacation all mixed up into a lovely batch of something special. Thanks for sharing ! oh, and congratulations Mel ! Lucky Mel! Lucky Chris !

  5. Congratulations Mel and Chris. Lovely to hear your Scottish accents. xx

  6. Congratulations on your blogoversary. I love coming to this space. It feels like a mini vacation.

  7. congratulations Chris and Mel :~))

    It was so good to hear your voices. I could listen to a Scottish accent all day :~)

  8. Oh Jacqui that's so cool.

    Made my day that has.

    Many thanks to you (and especially to James who picked my name!) for posting such a great competition.



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