Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn along 5

Knitting and reading time again at Yarn Along.
Not exactly knitting, from me this week, but a very tangled skein of Manos Silk blend yarn that I have managed to get into a complete fankle as I was winding it.  I have been working on it during odd moments, but really need to get it sorted out, and wind the rest (properly). Not totally sure what it will end up being, but I have been thinking....Tea leaves?  For a Christmas gift?  Just don't be asking me which Christmas :)

The book is a charity shop find, from a few years ago, that suddenly began to call down to me from the attic.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young is a wonderful book, full of yarns about the free ranging cows on her family farm.   A fabulous insight into how cows, live, love and make choices.

Drop in on Ginny at Small things and share your yarns this week.


  1. Oh Eilean, I have had yarn do the same thing and what a mess.
    So, are you getting the cow? What a beauty. We are still looking for our cow. Her name will be Olive and I know she is somewhere just waiting for us too.

  2. Your yarn is pretty and so is that sweater pattern! I stopped by from Ginny's today. My project this week is a Scottish bonnet!

    Love your views!

  3. I think "Tea Leaves" is a great choice! Such pretty yarn too!

    That looks like an interesting book. We've recently started dabbling in free range chickens, of of course as soon as we got them, we start discussing the possibility of cows. I think we'll never leave home again. ;)

  4. lol, the secret life of cows ... is it like something from The Far Side cartoons? what does Rosamund Young know that we don't?

  5. Love the colors in that yarn and took a look at tea leaves and wow-love that! That yarn would look gorgeous in that pattern!
    Sooooo... I take it you are just planning to do without sleep for the rest of your days?
    I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your visitors!

  6. Tangled yarn is definitely not fun! I try so very hard to avoid that, but it happens. I love the color of it and I bet it is soft!

  7. I'll knit a tea leaves if you knit a tea leaves. Maybe we can keep each other on task! :) I totally would have picked up that book too.

  8. I've just finished a shawl from Manos Silk Blend and every stitch was a delight. Tea Leaves looks like the perfect pattern, too.

    Like ajb, the book title made me think of the Far Side! Those cartoons where the cows are all standing up talking, and one says "Car!"; in the next frame they are all behaving like cows in a field while the car goes past.

  9. lol - I had forgotten about the Far Side cows - they are so funny - and who knows?
    Things are inching slowly along on the cow front. it was always in the plan, but maybe 2 years down the line. It is such a good chance though - Dexters on the island - it is perfect. Keep watching.
    I like the idea of a Tea Leaves knit along. i am such a slowcoach though and my eyes are bigger than my abilities when it comes to knitting.
    Visitors are here and enjoying themsleves - off to Harris today.
    Thank you all for dropping in. xx


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