Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn along 4

I love to knit and read, so I am delighted to be joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along today once more.

I am not much further forward with the Pure and Simple cardigan I shared - gosh - 2 weeks ago?   I had to frog it and start again, as I discovered I had been knitting when I should have been purling, and it didn't look right - sigh. To make up for this, I have found some instant gratification in the form of knitted hairbands.  Great stashbusting projects and a wonderful way of practising lace patterns on a small scale.  i have an arrowhead patterned one in the car, but you can see a sample of it here, and this simple pattern above, knitted in the left over Artesano superwash from this project.  There are a huge range of hairband patterns on Ravelry, and  most of them are free.  These ones came from here and here.

Reading?  Well, I have still not got my hands on the Joel, (my husband is a very slow and careful reader, whereas I am a total skimmer), so I have been dipping into The Sheep Book for Smallholders, by Tim Tyne.  Lots of interesting information on the history of sheep and, obviously, how to look after them.  We will be adding to our flock soon, so really need to be more clued up.  Also, it will soon be shearing time and putting them up on the hill for the summer time.  Yes a big big learning curve, which will no doubt be shared in this space.
We have also discovered the Raggedy Ann stories, courtesy of the Kindle, where it is available free. Sadly without the wonderful illustrations, but still, delightful gentle tales.  James is enjoying them very much.

Hope you are all enjoying your current reads and knits  Pop over to Small Things and see the rest.


  1. Love the headband :) if you made them bigger, you could turn them into cowls (I think thats the right word)
    Sue Xxx

  2. I still cannot knit, but am planning to have learnt by the Autumn, so I can knit in front of the fire! Raggedy Ann stories are lovely, I shall be looking into listening to them too, we love to listen to audiobooks here. I am a bit of a book skimmer too, sometimes I skim too much when I am tired, and realise that I haven't read the page at all! Have a lovely week, Liz

  3. I've been after a bit of instant gratification on the knitting front too, the headband looks great (baby socks in my case, so quick)! I'm hoping to get a kindle soon, nice to know you can get such good stories to share with the littles for it too xx

  4. How fun that you have sheep! I do wish I lived in a climate that could have them.
    I will have to check out Raggedy Ann as I am sure the wee one would love the stories. Now, I just need to find her the doll! I still have mine, but she's a little on the 'old' side.

  5. How wonderful. I've been thinking for a while that I need a headband for on the farm. Usually I wear a sun hat but at the moment, being winter,I don't really need one but I do like to keep my hair off my face, so I'm going to give it a go. Thanks, Kate

  6. I have a Kindle on loan at the moment and enjoying lots of the free books to read for me and for my daughter, great to read some classics and lost treasures for free. I use it to read pdf patterns too to save paper!

    Enjoy your reading about the sheep, have fun choosing your additions to your flock xxx

  7. I love having those stash busting quick knits at hand! Love the hairband idea. We have 3 heads full of long hair in this house.

    I know what you mean about the kindle not having the wonderful illustrations. A price we pay with technology. I actually am the proud owner of a 1920s edition of Marcella Stories. It's lovely!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. knitting and reading are two of my favorites too. i'm knitting squares right now to make a blanket and i'm working my way through some Irish authors at the moment.

  9. Your headbands look great! I had to laugh at your "types" of reading. When I get a new book, I tend to read it very quickly and then go back and read it again at a more leisurely pace.
    Hope you are having a good week!

  10. The headband is pretty-- a nice project. I am impressed that you are raising sheep. Would enjoy your comments about Joel's book when you do get to read it.

    I enjoyed visiting your site. I am a grandmother also.

  11. Hi Jacqui,
    I love the color of your yarn. Such a rich color. Aren't the Raggedy Ann stories wonderful. I'll have to download those for my kindle. I really like my kindle so much. It allows me to carry many books along without the weight.
    Be well.

  12. I love your headband (ah sweet instant gratification:)

  13. Hello lovely, I am having a knitting love affair at the moment, probably because I dont really have the time to knit right now. That yarn is yummy.

  14. I've just come across your blog for the first time. I think its great. Here's my yarn along this week


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