Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Loving

I am loving

that it is still light at 11.30 pm;

that my guest room is ready, and the first visitors will be here tomorrow;

taking a boy to the cinema for his first time - and celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day;

the postman bringing treasures from ebay;

the return of the beautiful purple orchid;

spending lots of time here;

running and playing with a boy and his dog.  Hide and seek - can you find him?

Ready now to dance into another week.

Summer is a busy time here on the croft, and so much is going on that I do not want to forget. Each Sunday I will be posting a list of things I have loved in the past week.  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude when the days are short again.
Feel free to join me if you like - it doesn't need to be Sunday :)


  1. What a lovely Idea.I think I'll join you next week.I love to see photos of your countryside.

  2. What a beautiful Sunday tradition. So much to be grateful for.

  3. so, so lovely.


    i think i'd be permanently camped out at those's brilliant to see your little man running amongst them.

    enjoy your visitors!!


    ps. 11:30pm?!? wow!

  4. Your posts are full of JOY! and your pictures are amazing as always. It was so funny when you posted the other day because I was thinking about you while putting laundry away and reminded myself to go and check on you...and then I opened my blog and you had left a comment. It gave me a huge smile. I hope you are doing very well and I love to read about your life with your family and sheep! Hope the movie was wonderful...what did you go and see?

  5. your posts are so lovely. i always enjoy sharing your joy and laughter in your life and i appreciate your thankful and gracious spirit. your picture of the ladybird books brought back memories of my childhood and your curtains are lovely in the guest room.

  6. Woohoo! Summer has arrived for you! Your guest room looks lovely, and I can imagine the draw the stones have on you at this time of year. Stunning!

  7. This is the most inspirational post, and thankyou for starting my hectic week-to-come with such joy. I love the idea of listing what has been good in a week (usually do that in my diary), Love those blonds, the stones, your boy with the daisy chains, the late light - everything. Thanks SO much for sharing. A.

  8. What a beautiful place you live. And to have light at 11:30 is just amazing to me....and I'm a little envious too.

  9. bless him , I just want to kick off my shoes and dance with him x

  10. That was very, very nice.
    Hope you both enjoy the cinema!
    The purple orchid is beautiful. And wow, those standing stones, they are stunning.
    Love the daisy chain. Beautiful.x

  11. the Orchid is stunning as are the standing stones. What an amazing place to live x

  12. I am new to your blog and I just love it. So gorgeous. My husband has a Scottish heritage, so it's lovely to see a bit of your life and beautiful countryside there. Thank you for sharing! I just posted on a similar theme of gratitude on Sunday as well--
    I hope to join in on a regular basis!

  13. What an amazing place. I can't imagine frolicking about in such a historic place. I hope to join with my photos next Sunday.

  14. What a beautifully wild and magical place to live!

  15. Jacqui, I am new to your blog and have spent the last 2 winter days reading it ALL from the very beginning, It's like a book you can't put down. It entertains, inspires, and your photography fills me with delight. I'm an island dweller from the other end of the planet. My husband has travelled to your beautiful island and cycled around it about 20 years ago. So from a forested island, I wish you all well and I will be following your going ons on your barren island. All the best.

  16. Thank you- how lovely you all are. Welcome to new friends from around the world - isn't this blog circle wonderful?
    Kristine - we went to see the new version of Winnie the Pooh, with John Cleese narrating. It was a nice film, but not as beautiful as the books.
    The stones are wonderful and completely open. I love to think of all the children that have played here over the last 5 millenia.

  17. ahhh, the stones are breathtaking.
    I grew up with neighbours who had a herd of belted Galloways, very lovely natured cattle

  18. The standing stones look magical and those guest room blinds are just gorgeous!

    Happy Summer Days

    San xx

  19. What a wonderful post, and a good idea for counting our blessings. (Catching up on my favy blogs!)


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