Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rear view reflection

After what seems like weeks of relentless rain, hailstorms and gale force winds, it was a relief to see the sun for a wee while. We had a couple of busy days getting on with outdoor things at last. Driving up the hill to the croft yesterday, musing on the overwhelming number of jobs to be done, I checked my rear view mirror, in that procedural way we do things - when WOW! I was overcome by the sheer beauty of that scene and the fact that it surrounds me - envelops me, even when the mists and rain block my view of it.. I just had to stop and capture that moment.

Indeed, there is so much beauty all around us, all the time - where ever we are, but too often our heads are in other places. It is not always as obvious as a stunning landscape, or work of art, but more often in the ordinary, everyday and unexpected.
Look around your world today. Unlock that hidden beauty - what did you see?


  1. Beautiful, I love to capture images like that - the read view is a great idea.

    Hope you get some good weather now to work the croft. Have your eedlings all survuved okay? I've always got spare seeds if you need anything.

    I keep meaning to ask you whether you've sheared your sheep yet or will it be a while longer?

    take care xxx

  2. Your pictures are amazing Jacqui. It's these simple everyday beauties that take my breath away too xx

  3. If only you could parcel some sunshine to us. We are still having gusty downpours. That photo is lovely.

  4. Lovely idea, well captured image....and what a marvellous view. Lucky indeed to live in such all embracing surroundings. Despite the, at times virulent, weather!

  5. I have had a wonderfull day. Our son is on Holiday and we have been with himand his girlfriend most of the day. Lunch spent at the beach where our beach hut is and then moved on to another cafe at the other end of Margate for ice cream for desert. Now my electric scooteer is having a well deserved rest and its batteries are being recharged. Our eldest daughter has just come round to see us so maybe another walk a bit later, this time though I WILL REMEMBER the camera.

  6. Very cool reflection photo. And thank you, thank you for phrasing so well what I have trouble expressing. Like you, I feel like I live where there is just so much beauty in every direction, that .... (word failure).
    Hope you got as much done to make you feel content but not so much you feel "beat up." :)

  7. That was lovely. You are right sometimes something you see every day can suddenly just strike you as being so beautiful, as if it is the first time you have seen it!
    I look for beauty all the time. Sometimes I challenge myself to find beauty in places you least expect to find it.
    I love both of these photographs.
    Much love.

  8. Beautiful photos - I especially love the top one - and a very good challenge / timely reminder. Glad you've had a bit of a respite from stormy weather.

  9. Thank you for all your kind comments.
    In fact we were back to wind and rain and November today, but apparently tomorrow is to be sunny again.
    Becks - I saw on a blogger forum that changing the comments to a pop up window seems to clear the bug. We'll see.
    Don - glad you had a lovely day, thank you for sharing it with us, and I will be checking your blog for photos. x
    Dawn - sheep are still very heavily coated, and it is still cold. We will be buying the clippers on Friday though....
    Iain - yes only at times - lol
    Hoping you all had a beautiful day xxx

  10. Christine - it was a good reminder to myself! x
    Trish - thank you - it always amazes me just where beauty lies. x
    The seedlings are still in their trays waiting to be planted out. i took them down to the croft and they are sitting in one of the roofless sheds. xx


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