Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer Blessings

Sunrise on a grey and cloudy Midsummer morning.  Didn't quite get the place to myself as usual, but it was nice to see others - from all over the world - watching and waiting for dawn on the longest day of the year.

Wishing you all peace, love and abundance on this Midsummer Solstice. xx


  1. Hi Jacqui

    You're so lucky.

    I first saw the stones at Callanish on an Ultravox album cover in the eighties when I was just a lad.

    Wanted to go and see (and photograph) them ever since.

  2. Wishing you a blessed solstice, with the sun working it's magic on your crops. xx

  3. Your photograph is beautiful. It made me go all goosebumps with awe.
    Many Blessings to you and your family.

  4. What an amazing experience that must be... thank you for sharing this lovely photo!

  5. That is a powerful photograph! Here in Aberdeen the longest day has been rainsoaked and grey from beginning to end. However, it's lovely to celebrate the solstice and midsummer.

  6. And happy Solstice to you! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo. I would love to learn more about these stones...

  7. Lovely hues of blue around those magical stones. I need to learn from your attentiveness to the moment.

  8. Happy summer solstice to you :) If this is the longest day of the year will we be able to achieve a little bit more today :)
    Sue Xxx

  9. Beautiful!!! Wishing you a joyful summer solstice filled with light and many blessings...

  10. What a magical place to celebrate the solstice. I hope that it was filled with peace for you. :)

  11. Happy midsummer. Hope you enjoyed it all. Lovely photo. Such a beautiful image.

  12. What a great photo! Wish you and your family happy Summer Solstice!

  13. Solstice blessings, the stones look amazing x

  14. We have shivered through the shortest day down here in Tasmania. To make matters worse we are covered in a volcanic ash cloud thanks to a Chilean volcano. All I can say is, we're on the down hill run to summer now. Bring it on!

    Hope you enjoyed your midsummer, the photo makes your island look so inviting.

  15. Beautiful picture. My mum and dad are island hopping over your way at the moment, they loved Lewis (and Harris). Made me wonder did you pass each other and neither of you have an idea that there is a connection? Makes me smile to think of our wee small world x x

  16. Chris - I had that album too - never imagined at the time that I would ever be here! if ever you make it over, be sure and drop in for a cup.
    laura -such a small world indeed. A pity i didn't know, we are always happy to welcome folk with a connection. Glad they enjoyed their time.
    Annie - there is a link on my sidebar "Calanais" that takes you to some good info on the stones.
    Deb - i was thinking of you all down under, as the wheel turned again...
    Christine - I have heard many reports of the deluge on the mainland yesterday, but we had none. Be sure to let me know when you are here xx
    Thank you all for your wishes and comments. In fact I thought the picture quite ordinary until i uploaded it here. It does seem to have caught some of the atmosphere - the people are almost merging with the stones. I always think of them as a community of people, still living in their own time.
    many blessings to you all. xx

  17. Oh! Yes. You've caught the atmosphere beautifully. Aren't standing stones entrancing....it must be quite something to live so close to these beauties and have them to yourself most of the time.

    Hope your summer is kind :~)
    Thank you for visiting. xx

  18. Oh! I found you through some other blog - and came back today, and the 'other entries you may like' links had a photo of Callanish. My heart stopped for a moment in grace. I visited Callanish in High School, on vacation with my family and will someday come back, with my family-to-be.
    I have a picture of the stones on my altar that has been there for years, and will stay there for years to come.

    You are so blessed to live near them.

  19. hello Jasmine. How lovely to read your comment. I am indeed blessed to live here and these sacred stones feature a lot on this blog. How wonderful to think you have walked here and will do again. My door is always open to visitors. xx


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