Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello Baby!!

Welcome to your new home.  

And hello to your Mama - Delia.  

A house cow for milking was always in our plan - just maybe a couple of years down the line.  After much reading and discussion, we had decided on Dexters - a good dual purpose breed - milk and beef.  Their size - small and stocky, descended from the original black cattle of the Celts, was perfect for our 3 acre croft. Once we were more organised and had things in place, then we would see about it.  We still had a byre (cattle shed) to sort out - a trailer to buy - a stock movement licence to apply for - milking things  - we even needed a tow bar on the truck, for mercy's sake!
Then, a couple of weeks ago, in Lewis Crofter's Co-op, as I idly scanned the" for sale" ads on the notice board - my eye came to a screeching halt at a card which  read:

1 Dexter cow
       1 Dx/BG X heifer.

"Not now!!! Not the right time!!  Not ready!" 

I resolved not to mention it, as I wandered back to the truck.  
But, of course I couldn't keep it in -
"I see there is a dexter and heifer for sale in Ness"  I whispered, half hoping he wouldn't hear me.
Before I knew what was happening, John was back in the shop, punching out the number on the mobile.
A couple of days later (the next day was Sunday) saw us heading up to the top of the island, to meet Delia and Baby.  I wrote about it here, and of course, you all knew what would happen didn't you?

So today, Donald, our very kind neighbour, took John up to collect our new ladies, in his land rover and cattle trailer - and now they are here in our bottom field!!

They are not in milk, but that suits us fine at the moment, and hopefully by next summer the Lewis Dexter dynasty will begin to establish itself.

Yes.... I think everything happens at  just the right time - don't you? 
Enjoy exploring your new place girls!


  1. I hope all goes well with these lovely new arrivals! It looks as if you have lots of grass for them.

  2. Of course we knew what would happen!! Enjoy getting to know your new additions.

  3. I've been waiting to hear of her arrival. As soon as you mentioned it before I knew as Claire says.

    Enjoy getting to know them, you're becoming proper smallholders now xxx

  4. Love those mop-topped heads! Congratulations on your additions!

  5. Gorgeous girls, hope they settle in beautifully for you.

  6. Oh, they are just beautiful. I just wrote for tomorrow's post about looking for a milk cow and now your post! I have to have one, I need her! Enjoy your beautiful girls.

  7. You are right , everything happens at just the right time!
    They are beautiful girls.
    Much love.

  8. Love that cute little top knot of hair. All they need are some sweet pink bows, tying it up :)

  9. What a lovely story. Quite similar to ours in fact.Except we got a jersey due to calf within a fortnight of arriving here. Milking shed to be built, learn how to milk,etc,etc.

  10. hey, that's great news! i know nothing about cows but i'm really happy for you. :)

  11. oh!! i just KNEW it!!

    yay!!! SO thrilled...they're a pair of stunners, to be sure!


  12. Beautiful, I wrote a piece about dexters recently for our smallholders group after a visit to a member who keeps them


    we had decided big animals were a no go but changed our minds.......if we ever get a smallholding i think a house cow may be needed :)

  13. Oooh enjoy learning to milk when the time comes, it is pretty easy.

    Real milk butter is delicious too! ;-)

  14. They are beautiful!! I bet you've spent many a happy hour just standing and watching them!! Of course things happen at the right time, even if the right time takes you by surprise!! Very much looking enjoying your blog and seeing what you're doing! xxxxx

  15. Ohhh they are lovely girls! I don't blame you snapping them up!

  16. Oh Lucky you! What a fab addition to the croft, I love them! I would love to have a smallholding with a lovely jersey, I love their gentle looking faces. There seems to be something so satisfying about keeping animals, I hope one day we have enough room somewhere to live that dream.
    Nice to catch up with you at last, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Liz x

  17. How exciting. I love reading about how the croft is coming together and your photos are lovely. The wildlife trust I worked for had 4 dexters and I have happy memories of days spent trying to move them from one nature reserve to another! Especially one called Graham who was rather naughty.

  18. Hallo a'bhò! (not grammatically correct but...) Yes, things do tend to happen at the right time, if we keep our attenae up! Many congratulations. They are beautiful and I'm sure are happy to have come live with you.

  19. I'm loving reading about your adventures! We would love a house cow, maybe one day, hehehe, have fun! ;) xx

  20. There they are. Oh! They look perfect. I'm so glad they have come to live with you.
    I went to see Puffins yesterday, and said that I felt the same as I did when I saw my very first Dexter cow! Love at first sight ~ They make a sound that is surprisingly like a low lowing of a cow too :~) Enjoy your new girls. x x

  21. Have fun with the Dexters. You have prompted me to post some Dexter Memories on our blog.


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