Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wet and windy weekend

The  dreich weather this weekend has been reminiscent of late November,  so we were mostly confined to the house.  We are all still sniffling with the dregs of this cold, so we really didn't mind too much, and we did have a few reminders of the sun to cheer us.

Settling down for the day, there was a spot of mending to catch up on, and the postman dropped in with a parcel from 'you know where'.  John disappeared with the Joel Salatin , but soon began to reappear to read out quotes and passages from the book.  A very inspiring man (both - of course!).  James decided to do some drawing, and got out the finger crayons.  These are great little things - you insert a finger inside the crayon and draw.  However, he is not really big on art, and pretty soon the crayons become props for other games - building towers, trains and ladders.

It was a time to make pie, check on our sourdough starter (nearly ready) and eat good homemade bread.

It was a time to catch up on all those little unfinished crafty projects, start on new ones, and dream about the next one after that.

 James was full of energy, and in between the heavy squally showers, he ran"faster than the wind" round and round the house. Must have been the Vitamin A. While he was outside, he collected stones and brought them in for a game.

There were plenty opportunities for rainbow spotting.

And later on we burned a few lumps of last year's peat.  Not a bad weekend at all, really.


  1. looks deliciously cosy -- books and knitting and crayons....and lots of yummy stuff.

    i love that pic of James flying Savannah tells me "sometimes you've just GOT to run"

    i take her word for it....;)


  2. what an amazing lifestyle you have! it is positively delightful. beginning with those beautiful flowers and ending with a warm fire. i am relaxed just looking at your photos. it is a great reminder that busyness and gadgets can never make up for books and wind-running and being together. thank you!

  3. wow... what amazing pics! what a life!

  4. Beautiful pictures as always. What a wonderful weekend you all had.

  5. It looks so beautiful where you are. I like your simple style. Espically your table cloth always makes me smile xx

  6. Lovely photos, sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to just potter in the house isn't it?

    And what a stunning rainbow, beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Seems like the Hebrides are having somewhat unseasonal weather for May. Hopefully it will soon improve and you can all get out there and down to more - never-ending - croftwork! The rain won't help the peat, I remember well from our time on Skye. But, then again, a good drying wind doesn't go amiss there, too!

  8. Sounds like a good day to me!! It's very windy here too (though I imagine it to be rougher where you are) and it sounds pretty loud inside the caravan!

    Your peat fire looks so cosy though, perfect for curling up in front of and digging out the knitting! I hope the sunshine comes out again for you soon though. xxxx

  9. Sounds like a lovely time x

  10. Lovely picturs, especially the rainbows! It does sound wild and windy there, but with a fire like that to cosy in front of, it can't be bad! Its windy here too, but nothing I imagine compared to your weather! Keep warm and heres hoping for some warmer and calmer weather soon!
    I have emailed you too, hope I have the right address!

  11. Where did you get your sunflowers at this time of year? Is there a secret source on your island?
    We now have your wild weather today, blowing across Scotland. I've just been checking webcams of a favourite place in Norway, and see that they have bright sunny weather. Not for long!

  12. I hope your colds are improving - it looks like you had a great time inside. Those rainbows are amazing! I thought of you this morning while I was working in the church garden in Aberdeen. I don't have the time to be a fair-weather gardener, so was digging up the winter bedding in a howling gale and rain that was so horizontal the earth wasn't getting wet! You'll have more of this kind of weather than we usually do.

  13. I get where you're coming from. We've had rain lately that is reminding me of the winter. But that rainbow (wow!) sure gives hope for beauty and sunshine around the corner.

  14. What a treat for you to have a cozy peat fire to stave off the chill. Glad you posted that glowing pic. Is it just me or do those flames look softer than my wood fires? LOL Now for a nice cuppa tea to sip.... Hope you all get over your colds soon.

  15. What a weekend, full of some of my favourite things! xx

  16. Lovely, lovely post. I am wishing that I had a tenth of James' energy. Oh that photo with the double rainbow. Gosh where you live just looks soooo beautiful. I am imagining that it smells wonderful too!
    Just lovely . . . . .

  17. Its been lovely to catch up with your blog Jacqui. Beautiful pictures of your days.
    Sending lots of love to you all from down here in Cambridgeshire xxx


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