Saturday, May 28, 2011


I sneaked down to the mainland for a few days last week - managing to avoid most of the airline chaos that buffeted the country, along with the high winds.  It was worth the dental appointment to see the family and catch up.

Along with a spot of shopping - mostly in my favourite yarn shop, just off the Grassmarket.

and a relaxed lunch - on my own - with only the latest copy of Interweave, and a nice glass of chilled white for company.
Catching up with Kristine in her new flat. 

Great to have some uninterrupted Grandmotherly time with Finlay
 and lovely Erin.  Look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks - mmmm!

Such a lovely time with them all.  I did see Kenneth and Louise too, but my battery had run out, so no photos there, sorry.  I will try to make up for that with more of Erin and Finlay (and the pink Grandma made cardigan which just fits.)
Back home now, and back to the land next week. xx


  1. How lovely. You obviously had a lovely time.
    Much love.

  2. That baby has an incredibly nibbly looking neck lol. Lovely photos. Did you just change your banner too? Its nice too either way lol.

  3. Ah, I fell in love with Edinburgh when I visited. Such gorgeous children, you've taken some great photos! x

  4. So glad you had such a great time! You have a lovely family.

  5. Hi Eilean
    Really interesting shots. Reminded me of my old days in the studio when we still used poly (Polaroid) backs on the large format cameras. You'd always get that rough boundary effect where the paper stuck to the film.

  6. Oh my, Erin is growing up so quick! A bit of wool shopping by yourself sounds blissful, if a little dangerous ;)

  7. Hmm. peace and quiet just what I need right now!

    Baby Erin has grown so quickly, it doesn't seem like five minutes since you announced her birth... they don't stay little for long do they?

    Have a blessed weekend

    San xx

  8. Thank you all -
    Trish and Christine - I had a lovely lovely time.
    V - I just wanted to eat her all the time, she is so yummy with those cheeks and chins.
    BB - yes i do like Edinburgh - especially if I haven't been for a while - lol
    Chris - Hi - yes I remember those polaroids with the ripped borders. i am loving the hipsta packs on the iphone, but i can get carried away.
    Clair and WW - it is just amaxing how quickly time passes - important really to savour every moment.

  9. Your photos show that your trip was definitely worth the dentist appointment!! Erin has grown a lot since your last photos and such a gorgeous little smile. xxxx

  10. aw sweet photos- lovely that you had lunch on your own!
    Those cheeks are perfectly bitable.

  11. Oh my what sweet little ones - and that pink sweater looks perfect! Love the filter on your photos!

  12. Oh Jacqui, how rich you are. Makes me choke up!
    Your grandchildren are beautiful, and love that photo of Kristine! And love reading that you had a lovely time with your luncheon.
    (Another great reflection shot too)!

  13. Meggs- you are so right. I am indeed blessed. I do like that photo of Kristine.
    HFOJ - Thanks I used the hipstamstic app on my iPhone for those shots. It is terribly addictive, and easy to carry around!
    Pippa- she is so big - 15 weeks old already . It was nice to see the wee dolly again too!
    Ren - those cheeks..... so gorgeous.


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