Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sew what?

So - here we are - up to our ears, still, in boxes of books, toys, dishes and candle holders, all looking for a home.  Our first house guests of the summer arrive in less than 2 weeks time, and there are no curtains or blinds on the spare room windows - eek!  Out came the sewing machine today in an attempt to remedy that situation, but I was distracted by a boy wanting me to make him something.  Well - what else could I do?  I made him a snake.  A very goofy looking serpent, mind you, but the boy was pleased. Why do these simple quick projects end up taking for ever though?  I may yet be taping pages from the Stornoway Gazette onto the guest room windows, but - hey ho!
I do plan, at some stage to make the window blinds (shades) in the same fabric as Mr Snakey there - very coordinated.  I can picture it now.

Another thing I can picture very well is having a dedicated sewing room in the loft.  Oh my - I think I might even call it a studio! At the moment, any sewing means a major upheaval and take over of the kitchen table.  Simmering pots and piles of washing up are not really compatible with accurate cutting, straight seams and precious fabric, so I am getting very excited about this idea.  Mostly, I have to say, since last week, when I overcame my fear of stepping on and off ladders at the top, and actually saw what a wonderful huge space this is.  There are windows on both gable end walls, and most of it is floored.  There would be plenty of room for us all to have several little areas: for sewing, computer work, setting out train tracks, and as a library.  John has already been trialling some shelving ideas, which look great, this space!


  1. oooooooh...what a GORGEOUS space...i can just imagine how brilliant it's going to look....

    brilliant snake too, btw...;)


  2. a boy and his snake ... great picture. what a good-natured, fun-loving boy he looks. your loft space looks like something i dream about. a little hidey hole away from the other things that go on in our lives ... a space to create, to dream. i am constantly amazed at your creativity and how you just say that you are going to make curtains or a snake like it's nothing. it would take me days to come up with anything like that! :)

  3. Sammy snake looks just great!! I'm sure you'll get the sewing done!

    Hugs San xx

  4. Such a lovely photograph of your boy and snake! I bet he loves that you can just whip him up something, just like that!
    A studio, oh how wonderful!
    Much love.

  5. You know a homemade snake for your son is far more important than curtains for your guests! I'm sure they would understand :)
    That space is amazing, particularly as everyone can be up there, I usually work in my lounge so I can be surrounded by my family, it does mean it get overwhelmingly messy at times though!
    Sue Xx

  6. Your boy looks so very happy with his snake! And if the windows have to be "papered" then so what? I think you have your priorities straight. The loft has fantastic potential! And I can imagine a lot more bookshelves up there for all your books.

  7. Thank you.
    Lol - JTS and Trish - I wouldn't say I just whipped it up - it took a lot longer than I thought - as it always does.
    But of course you are all right - his wee face says it all. xxx

  8. If all else fails, do what I did/do and cut up some of the cardboard boxes as pretend shutters. You could have James do a "Jackson Pollock" type paint job on them for a bit of flair! (Love Pollock).
    I had a day like that yesterday, nothing would flow and everything felt like it turned into a major deal. Sigh.
    The loft space looks wonderful!

  9. Ha! Great idea Meggs. Did you post about your shutters before? It rings a bell somewhere.
    In fact I did finish sewing the blind on Monday morning. It took less time to cut out, pin and sew up than that blinking snake took to make. Not as much fun though. Just need to make the ties and do the hardware stuff.

  10. I did. I think it was in the beginning days of the blog challenge I am doing. I've never gotten around to painting them, even though I have wanted to. I have 24 feet of west facing, old, single pane windows in a place where it gets over 100F. You would be amazed at how much heat simple cardboard cuts and therefore cuts my electric bill in half.
    Congrats on finishing the blind!


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