Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving swiftly on

Not much time to draw breath now we are here. Bags to unpack, peats to cut, ploughing of fields, and a lot of tatties to plant!
My laptop lead has broken, and my camera charger is inside a box, inside a storage unit, so I am making do with my mobile phone right now. Normal blogging service will soon resume - I am so keen to share all this with you, and I want to visit you all properly. I miss catching up with everyone. Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments. In the meantime...

..we are all happy to be here... xx


  1. Well, welcome home.

    You should have brought some of that young talent back with you to help for a week or two!! LOL!
    I've been keeping you in my thoughts and hope that everything has gone smoothly!

  2. Lovely to have you 'back'. ;-)

  3. Well, welcome home!

    (You should have brought some of that energetic young talent with you to help out for a week or so-lol!)

    I have been keeping you in my thoughts that all has gone smoothly for you. Without wanting to pressure, I look forward to "reading" you again!

  4. It looks gorgeous, I hope you can find the bits soon, so you can record everything properly, it'll be so nice for you to look back on when your settled in :)
    Sue Xx

  5. Hope things settle down quickly for you. Looks like the chooks are enjoying their new home.


  6. Welcome home! 'Leaving Lothian' sounds as if it should be a fiddle tune - a slow air.

    That's a serious lot of tatties.

    Will look forward to seeing how things are going.

  7. welcome to your new home. i hope you are able to settle in quickly and i'm enjoying your picture of the sunlight and the chooky hen ... it looks very peaceful. thanks for taking time out to say hi in this busy time of getting sorted.

  8. Great to see these promising photos from your croft, and to hear that you are beginning to settle in. Enjoy!

  9. how exciting settling into a new home :-) Blessings on your house, hun.

  10. Welcome home, I hope that's the hard part over for you.

  11. Exciting, exciting...can't wait for the time when we can catch up with you xxxx

  12. So excited for you! and great to have you back posting :) Claire xxx

  13. Welcome back to your home!! Very much looking forward to seeing you settled down and seeing what you're planning and what you're up to. xxxx

  14. So glad all went well, " no rest for the wicked eh, LOL!!!"

    Happy Planting!

    San xx

  15. I am catching up on events having been in bed for a few days and loving your exploits I wish you all the best XXX Don


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