Monday, April 25, 2011


We made some bread this morning. James was in charge of the mixing. He decided against waiting for the dough to rise, and added some broken up dried spaghetti to the mixture. I couldn't quite find that method in the River Cottage bread handbook, but if you decide to try it, the result is a very chewy, yet crunchy but extremely tasty loaf.

And there isn't any left now, sorry.

Hoping to be back online properly tomorrow. See you then. x


  1. Well, if there isn't any left, it must have been quite yummy!

  2. Lovely!

    Look forward to seeing you back again x

  3. what a great story! looking forward to seeing you back online. :)

  4. You won't soon forget that loaf of bread! How fun! Nice to see you're doing fine.

  5. I just got the River Cottage bread book. It's wonderful and I especially like the fact that they teach one how to make a brick oven. One day I will build a brick oven. Your bread looks so good. clearly it is because there isn't any left. Enjoy your new home. So good to see you back.


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