Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn along (2.5)

I can't really join in properly this week, as our world is in a bit of turmoil with packing, decluttering and generally flapping around like scared chickens.  I will share this FO with you.  The beautiful Erin is wearing her grandma-made bronze cardigan.  How lovely she is... sigh.
And I am still wandering around with Pooh and Piglet for now, searching for calm - and sometimes finding it too!

The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet.  Benjamin Hoff
Easy baby cardigan - More last minute knitted gifts.  Jovelle Hoverson (ravelry notes)

Join in this nice, cosy meme, hosted by Ginny at Small Things and be inspired.


  1. I love hand-made clothing, and this cardigan is almost as gorgeous as Erin ;-))) When I have grandkids will you knit for them?
    love, veronika

  2. Isn't she just soooo beautiful! And I love the cardi-especially the color.
    I cannot join in this week either as I too am trying to pack etc. and have no time for crochet.
    I hope things are going well, even if hectic, and will send you some good mojo for peace!
    meggs xxoo

  3. oooh she is just so gorgeous xx she is so lucky she has a knitting Grandma xxxx

  4. Of course i will Veronika, but by the end of this years camp, you will be converted to the noble art!!

    Bast wishes with your move Megg

    Thanks so much AK :)


  5. Both the sweater and Erin are gorgeous! Congratulations on the rapid sale of your house, bittersweet though I'm sure it is.

    My yarn along link is

  6. She really is gorgeous and the cardigan is great too

  7. The cardi is lovely but I'm afraid it is overshadowed by the beautiful wearer....

  8. Little Erin looks very, very cosy!! It's a great gift to have a knitting grandma. My Nanna knitted me loads of jumpers throughout my childhood, sadly only one of them remains, but I can remember choosing the wool and pattern with her and being measured every time I passed the room. My Nanna is long gone, sadly, but I adore that last cardigan that she knitted for me, it's the first thing I reach for when in need of something comforting to wear and always reminds me of her and the love she must have had for me. xxxxxx

  9. What an adorable model for your beautiful sweater! I hope the house move goes very smoothly for you. I've just passed on a Stylish Blogger award to you, which you can accept at your leisure once you're settled in a bit.

  10. Your knitting is lovely and your granddaughter is so very gorgeous. Isn't it lovely being a Nana!diz

  11. Precious model and sweater. I love that color and the buttons you used.

  12. That cardie is adorable, what a beautiful little girl! My Nan knitted lots for me, and my dolls, when I was growing up - she knits for my boys now bless her! She was the one that taught me to knit, I'm very gratfeul. Lucky Erin having such an adoring Nana xx

  13. ~Awww you photo of Erin makes me want another!

    ~no such luck:0(

    ~you did a wonderful job with that sweater and that orange,hmmm,LOVE,must check your notes.....

    ~Cheerio xx

  14. What a beautiful cardi and an even more perfect baby, she is lovely!
    So much luck to you with your move. I really hope it all goes smoothly and isn't too tiring. Moving is always a bit bittersweet, even homes I have been glad to leave have still left me feeling a bit sad. Take lots of care of yourself!

  15. She looks beautiful in her newly knit sweater. The color really suites her. Such a sweetheart.

  16. Loving the sweater! (and the babe even more!)


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