Sunday, March 27, 2011

Faster than the speed of light

That is how quickly time is flying right now.  Quite what Mr Einstein would have made of that I am not sure, but a whole week has zoomed by since i was last here. Life seems rather like the Glasgow train, photographed here by Kenneth.

A week in which we have been organising and packing. Mostly books.  Boxes and boxes of them.  It takes up so much time, as we take them from the shelves, stack them into the boxes, then exclaim over forgotten gems.  So, I might find John sitting leafing through  Erich Fromm, or I could be caught sprawled on the sofa, engrossed in Rumi - even James can be found delving into a box to retrieve Katie Morag. 

Trying to work out what we will take with us, what we will leave, and what kristine will need in her new flat.  Now we know where that will be and what size the rooms are, we can plan things a lot more effectively.

So - what else can I say?  Stuff!  Too much of it.  I have already confessed elsewhere about the six dead laptops we came across in a cupboard - i could ask for the spaghetti factory explosion of leads and chargers from long extinct weee equipment to be taken into consideration. I am pleading guilty to owning a mountain of CDs that we will never listen to, whilst a large hill of empty cd cases slumps beside it.  We haven't even opened up the loft yet!  And yet we are not unique in the amount of clutter we have. Think of all those lofts, cupboards, cellars, drawers, handbags, sheds and garages all over the world.  It blows my mind!

we have been breathing in as much of the Spring air as we can, and reveling in the beauty of this garden for our last few weeks here.  We see the violets and Spring bulbs bloom in their familiar spots, and are stopped by the bright sunny face of the first dandelion.  Lemony sorrell suddenly bursts through and we marvel at the delicate crimson tips of the daisy.   All through the cold winter, this growth has been slowly, secretly beginning, but now it is gathering pace - speeding up and off it goes!

The hens are all laying, Erin is growing and changing all the time, and the weather has been gorgeous.  It even looks like one of Santa's elves has come out to enjoy some spring sunshine! Hope you all can take some time out to enjoy the season.
Ah well - back to the workshop. Oh -but look -here are my old Bunty annuals!  Sshh - maybe I'll just risk one eye... ;)


  1. A wonderful post. It scares me the 'stuff' - or 'treasures' as my husbands calls it - that he has put away.
    Love your spring and family photos.
    And i wish you well with your sorting and packing - it's a mammoth task, I know.

  2. It is mind blowing the amount of "stuff" we accumulate isn't it!!

    Glad you are managing to find time to still enjoy spring. Love the daisy picture ;)

  3. the pictures of the flowers are just wonderful! I love your description of the distraction of forgotten books, we love Katie Morag here too :-) x

  4. There's something so therapeutic about clearing through our 'stuff'.

    I confess that the thing which takes up the most boxes for us is: books. I do clear out from time to time, but they are the one thing I truly wouldn't be without.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

    With love, Veronika xxx

  5. I can just imagine how many boxes of books you have, it would be similar here too.
    You are not alone, except for those who are really good about clearing out things, we all do it - keep things that may be useful, or sentimental. We emptied our loft not long ago to have it insulated and cleared what was stuffed up there - now there is not too much and we know what it is. Here it's the other rooms that are the problem! ;-)

    Take care of yourselves as you pack up, hope you get to enjoy some of the sun in between too x

  6. Ah clutter busting takes me back to loft clearance and garage emptying when I was pregnant with Pip!

    Such a lot of work but you'll be glad when it is done.

    San x

  7. I go away for a few days and come back top find you packing and moving. I hope it all goes fine for you. XXX Don

  8. Hehehe, that sounds like the way I do clearing, always getting distracted by long-forgotten things that soak up half an hour or so here and there as I sit down and reminisce. I'm a shocking hoarder, I once found SEVEN pens in my desk that didn't work, which I knew didn't work, but that I had kept because ...........

    We had a mouse infestation at our old house a few years back and they had ruined so much stuff that was being stored in the garage. Conor hired a skip and banished me from the area while he set to work. It was painful, seeing the skip fill up with mouse-ruined nick-nacks, but I have to say, it was very liberating to walk into a tidy garage after Conor had finished and be rid of a whole lot of emotional clutter!!!

    I hope amidst all the clearing and sorting, you are enjoying some happy memory-lane moments and plenty of cups of tea. xxxxxxxx

  9. Packing. Oh I hate it x but discovering stuff you had is great fun x hope all goes well for you x x

  10. thinking of you all often mama as this new life takes hold, sending love for an easy transition and thinking of your Mum, remembering her by lighting a candle xx

  11. Bunty annuals must be a collector's item!
    I know what you're going through. When we moved house 18 years ago, with only one child, the removal firm underestimated our amount of books and ended up drafting in an extra van during the evening to cope with the boxes and boxes and boxes of books. The removal men clearly thought we were mad. And so we all are, all of us book lovers, happily so!

  12. Sending lots of love and sympathy. We had the same experience as Linda, although we had warned them about the amount of books, they didn't believe us! Hope it all goes smoothly and you rediscover some happy memories along the way.

  13. Erin looks so happy in that photo!
    Really like the first photo of all the lights and movement x

  14. Tell Kenneth his photo is excellent.
    Time, time, time, see what's become of us....
    Hope you are not like me and getting overwhelmed! :)

  15. Ah Bunty, how I loved Bunty! Definately worth getting distrated by xx

  16. Lovely to be distracted by finding hidden treasures.

    Really lovely images.

  17. Sounds like you are really keeping busy. Your flowers are lovely and so are those growing children around you. Very sweet. Our weather was beautiful this weekend and I didn't spend one minute indoors. Now the rain is back. Here's wishing you a couple of calm moments.


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