Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for the Storm

We are waiting for a storm to hit the Hebrides this afternoon.  Winds of up to 90mph are forecast.  It feels as if the whole island is battened down, ready and just - waiting...  Public buildings are closed, schoolchildren home early, just - waiting...

No one is about - everyone snugly inside - waiting.... I spoke to someone is South Uist on the telephone this morning.  Her first question was - "How is the wind there?"  We are all, together - waiting...

We have candles and torches ready, peats brought in, blankets to snuggle into. And now we hunker down in the East facing side of the house. We read books, play and knit. We eat warming parsnip, rosemary and bay soup, make pictures in the fire,  listen to music on the radio...

and we wait...


  1. Call me strange, but I really LOVE storms. One thing I really miss about Australia is the electric storms ~ the lightning is spectacular. I love thunder and lightning.

    Storm brewing here as I write. Our winds are forecast for about 60mph. Stay warm and cosy, Jacqui. love, v

  2. Hope your all still warm and cozy - nothing better than watching a storm when indoors xxxx

  3. Take care of yourselves whilst indoors, I do love to watch storms. Thought about you when I heard the storm approaching on the news, follwing on from thinking of my brother and his family in Queensland.

    Hope everything is safe and well x

  4. Thinking of you, I don't like storms or wind.... too much cycling I think has affected my view!

  5. I love storms- Where we live we get wind like no other crashing through the mountains into the valley- I also love parsnip soup which sadly I never make because my husband hates them- (there is not much he doesn't like).
    All the best- Ren

  6. Crikey, I hope you all stay safe and warm xx

  7. Keep safe and warm. Another lover of storms here, but only if I am safe and warm!

  8. Thinking of you... we have a howling storm whipping around the house as I write but I know it will be nothing compared to what you'll experience.

    Hope you manage to keep warm and safe.

    Hugs San xx

  9. Stay safe and warm mama. xxx

  10. Have been watching the news for reports on the Hebridean storm, but nothing. What do southerners need to know for! Hope you have survived the battering - have been thinking of you. Soup sounds great!

  11. I hope the storm passed without causing too much trouble to you.
    You write a lovely blog with fabulous photo's.

  12. Hope the storm has passed without causing any damage. I love storms too, great strong winds here overnight, seems to have effected the whole of the country, top to bottom! Stay safe mama xx

  13. All safe and well this morning. Very very big winds, but no real damage. There are no trees here, so the wind just blows straight across
    I guess anything that would be likely to blow away did so a long time ago.
    Hope eveyrone else is safe and warm. Thinking also about those in Australia - my prayers are with you.

  14. Julie - thank you - glad you enjoyed your visit. xx

  15. Gosh those photos are extremely evocative! I heard on the radio this morning that it wasn't as bad as people had feared. I was praying there wouldn't be a repeat of the dreadful storm six years ago. That must be very present in people's minds.


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