Monday, February 21, 2011


I was deeply touched by all the lovely welcoming words for Erin on my last post.  I am sure she will be featuring quite heavily in this space from now on.  I realise from some of the comments, that, in my starry-eyed and dazed state, I did not really clarify the family dynamics, so I will do so now.  It does mean more pictures of Erin, but really, there can never, ever be enough.  So, here is Erin's family.

Her parents. Karen and Daniel - my elder daughter and her husband.
Her big brother, Finlay - my grandson.  Three years old on Saturday.
Her Papa and Gran (John and I)

Her Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Kristine and Uncle James, my younger children

Her Great Grandfather - my dad, Kenneth.

Uncle Kenneth's girlfriend, Louise, was also there to welcome her home.

And she carries her Great Grandmother's name, Helen, alongside her own.
May she always be surrounded by such love.


  1. She's a beautiful lass. And I love her name, I have a daughter Erin and an Aunt Helen.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful! As you say, there can never be enough photos. A lovely, lovely family you all share. You can just see the love and joy shining from everyone's face!
    Thank you so much Jacqui, for taking time out to share with us.

  3. A beautiful family! Love that sentiment "may she always be surrounded by such love". What a perfect wish for a child.

  4. Those pictures speak volumes about the love in your family. And I like the retro look of them as well! What a blessing a baby is. I love her name - Ireland!

  5. :-)))
    Family ~ the centre of life's meaning.

  6. A lovely family album.Erin is a lucky wee girl.

  7. Oh my, what a beautiful and very loved little girl she is. Sending love and blessings to your wonderful family, Jaqui, you are so very blessed lovely mama :)
    Sue xx

  8. I think to be surrounded by so much unconditional love must be the greatest gift a child could have. Those strong family roots will give her security and freedom to be herself when she is older and wonderful, happy memories to hold in her heart for always. Beautiful post. xxxxxxxx

  9. Your photos are beautiful! And of course, the little one is beyond beautiful. Congratulations!
    ~hopping over from Soulemama~

  10. Congrats.looking forward to more of your beautiful pics of the wee one.

  11. What a beautiful family you have Jacqui, and how could they not be with such a loyal, loving, strong woman at their head. I'm sure you're feeling the recent loss of your mum so acutely right now but I see your family surrounded by such love and know that you are so blessed to have each other.
    Erin is such a clever girl to have chosen your family to nurture her and help her set her first steps in life.
    Oh and a beautiful second name too ;-)
    Congratulations to all of you.

  12. Congratulations and a big hug for Erin. She will be surrounded bylove XXX. Don

  13. Such a lovely family and so much love surrounds little Erin. What a happy occasion for your family Jacqui. Wishing you many happy moments.


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