Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yarn Along (1)

I am joining in with this fun blog party at Small Things this week for the first time.  Reading and knitting are two of my favourite things.
So here goes.
Knitting: I cast on this sweet wee cardigan the other day - intended for my second grandchild,due in a few weeks time.  The pattern is Easy Baby Cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson. The yarn is a gorgeous glowing golden superwash merino by Artesano.  The cardigan is meant to be a 4-6 hour project, but that kind of timescale is beyond me at the moment.  Still, a snatched row here and there, and it should be ready in time.
Reading:  Two books.  The first is one I have just started.  Song of the Rolling Earth, by John Lister-Kay, the naturalist and conservationist. It is a personal account - almost a meditation on the landscape, environment and wildlife of the Highlands and Islands. It is beautifully written, and just the thing to wind down with last thing at night.
The second book is the one that I am reading to my 4 year old son just now - On the Banks of Plum Creek, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We are so enjoying these tales of Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura and baby Carrie, and their adventures, as they try to make a living.  We have already raced through the first two books in the series, then skipped ahead to The Long Winter, during our own snowbound hiatus.  It certainly puts our easy lives into perspective anyway.
I have enjoyed sharing this today - join in with Ginny and yarn along too.


  1. I love that yarn! Such a gorgeous color. (:

  2. The Highland book looks interesting and that yarn is such a cheerful colour.

    Happy knitting and reading

    San x

  3. I love the color you choose. I too have been reading the Ingalls series to my kids and they love them. They especially loved Little House in the big woods because it had more they could relate to since we live in Wisconsin:) They are fun and interesting at any age.

  4. That babe is due in a few weeks???!!! Where did the time FLY? I cannot believe it is almost time already. I will throw my hat in the ring and say a girl. That wee cardigan looks adorable! And, thank you for showing your books. I am going to have to "gift myself" with the Rolling book. I love those types of books. (I read all the LIW books in my youth).

    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. I love the little cardigan, the yarn is such a lovely warm colour!

  6. lovely yarn mama and some of my fav ever books xx

  7. We love Laura all the books, and now finished series 5 of dvds. Wonderful for ice cold Winter afternoons snuggled up by the fire. Bethany's now reading Melissa Gilbert's autobiography. Eliza's reading the autobiography of Earl Hamner (sp?) who wrote The Waltons.

  8. But wasn't it only a month or so ago that you announced that grandchild number 2 was on the way? And what beautiful coloured wool.

  9. It seems to have passed in the wink of an eye, but it was in July that I announced the news! The baby is due on 22nd Feb. Am i terrible in secretly hoping you may be right meggs? My 21 year old daughter was the last girl born into the family, 7 boys have followed since (between myself, my sister, my elder daughter and my step daughter. But anyway, the precious soul will be so welcomed by us.
    Veronika, I must check out the original story of the Waltons - thank you for that.

  10. Have just caught up with your news. I could almost feel your excitement as you travelled North! It must be reaaly great to be home with all the plans you have ahead to bring to fruition. The cardigans almost make me feel like knitting, they look relatively easy and practical and lovely vibrant colours. I shall be looking for John Lister-Kaye's book on Amazon. Lovely photos.

  11. I love the cardis, I could just see my little one in a pink one, so sweet! (I am with meggs on thinking a girl) I am forever reminded in blogland of my inability to knit, sigh. I must get hold of these books and read them, I have heard so much positive about them. I can imagine them being just what I need for an afternoon read together on the sofa! Hope you are all keeping well and warm on your lovely island, theres wee snow flakes outside the window here, oh I do hope winter doesn't make too much of a return!

  12. Found your blog through small things! Just had to say I just re-read The Long Winter because of my own snow bound status!
    Sure puts things into perspective,doesn't it??
    God bless,

  13. That yarn is so warm and fire-y looking, gorgeous! I just started my first baby cardigan and it is definitely not going to take me 4-6 hours, maybe 4-6 weeks! But it's a first and it's fun.

  14. Hi.. I have been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it.
    I have read Lillian Beckwith for ages and so have to come to love the islands and crofts and actually dream of going there some day.
    I was wondering if your have read any of her books.. They are only fiction but so entertaining....

  15. The more I read the Rolling Earth, the more i am enjoying it. Very much in the Roger Deakin style. And of course, since i posted this I have managed to do exactly 1 row of the cardi!

    Faye - Hello! Thanks for commenting. Glad you are along with me. I first read Lilian Beckwith in my early teens, and those books have a big part to play in my being here now. yes, they may be fiction,romantic and even patronising, but so compelling and evocative. I still have the omnibus edition on my shelves.

  16. Your cardigan looks like the perfect project. I was disappointed that my daughter never enjoyed the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. She was put off by some of the descriptions of - butchering? sausage-making? - and unlike myself had no interest in the minutiae of self-sufficiency and pioneer life.
    Our family really enjoys the Waltons. We have the original novel, Spencer's Mountain - it's really an older teen / adult novel I think, less cosy than the t.v. series it inspired. I will admit my husband and I have even BEEN to the original Walton's Mountain - Schuyler, Virginia. It's very pretty. Every time I drive past a row of distillery workers' houses in Scotland, I think of that place.

  17. One day I will learn to knit!
    Glad to see you have the authentic Puffin edition of Plum Creek.


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