Friday, January 14, 2011

Walking in monotone

The last couple of days have been so much warmer. The snow has all but disappeared, but so also has that dazzling blue and white light.  Instead a soft, grey mistiness is draped around us. No panoramic views on our walk today, but a more subdued and veiled landscape lies in front of us. We look down, we peer closer, and we see things that are often lost in the big picture.

Nature's shapes and textures are revealed if we but lower our gaze; if we just look carefully.  Ripples on a puddle; a stand of silver birks shining out in the shadows; the silhouetted seed pods of the broom - still rattling in the wind, and the shape of grass frozen under frosted ice.

 Water is like smooth grey silk today, it looks colder somehow.  And the horizon is within touching distance.

We can also appreciate the geometry of the railway engineering work - straight, square, regular - the work of  Man, but with a poised elegance nevertheless

But we find branches and stones to play with.  We try to break ice on the puddles.

We have our very first picnic of the year.

And we know that colour will return to the world.


  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful...

  2. Enjoyed browsing your blog, have added it to my list of Western Isles bloggers. Well done!

  3. Fantastic pictures, I love the lack of colour, it makes you look harder at the detail. I have spent nearly all day indoors, I will be glad to get out in the fresh air tomorrow. I am looking forward to picnics, but I do like to be a bit warmer first!!

  4. I'm impressed with your photo skills... such beauty in black and white.

  5. It's amazing how monochrome feels so cold and how colour makes us feel warmer! I love the photo of the shoots emerging through the ice, it's magical to see things that have survived this freezing weather.

  6. Wonderful expose in b&w and then viola! that color photo at the end. That was FAB!!!!!
    Great post Jacqui!

  7. nice combination of photos with a lovely ending!

  8. Sometimes monocrome does a bare winter scene more justice (the colour shot is stunning too.
    C x

  9. Yes, lovely photos - both the black&white, and the bright and hopeful colour-under-ice at the end!

  10. A perfect picture post, thank you.
    And loving the shot of your menfolk.

  11. It wont be long untill the colours return. I loved the colour under the ice, Everything is shrouded at the moment. We too had our first picnic of the year sat in the van looking out to sea at Deal between our home in Margate and Dover right the other end of the country. You have had it much colder than us I went to the dentist's today and fired off a few shots while my wife pushed me in the wheelchair, I had tears running down my cheeks it was so cold and we are warmer than you. XXX Don


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