Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wagons roll

Starting to pack up the wagon for our journey to the North West.  Most of the room has been taken up with the dog crate and a bale of hay (don't ask).  Still there is plenty room for my spinning wheel, sewing machine, fabric and wool stash, boxes and baskets of notions and another few loads of books.  John will have to get going on those bookshelves this trip. Most of our clothes will be squeezed in, once the dog is settled down, and bags of food, and pots and pans will fit in any spaces. 
Cupboards, shelves and drawers are slowly emptying each time we make this journey.  There is now a  definite scent of permanence about this move. 

The hens will be moving up in early March - one of our tasks this time is to fix up a home for them.  Here they are enjoying a communal dust bath in the greenhouse.  They do like their little luxuries, those girls. I hope croft life suits them, I miss them a lot. 

Tonight I watched the full moon rise over the garage roof, and had the delicious thought that tomorrow night, I will see it sail through the big skies of Lewis.  Let that wagon roll. xx


  1. How blessed you must feel each time you embark on this journey, knowing that each time brings you closer to permanence in your little heaven on earth.
    Blessings and safe journey vibes to you all.

  2. Thinking of you, hope the journey goes well.

    Blessings San x

  3. Wishing all the best with your move and nothing but happiness and good times in your new home.

  4. oooh...lovely! i remember packing around our Rosie on the way home from Florida for the last

    wishing you a smooth journey...


  5. I'm getting so excited for you too xxxx

  6. How lovely to look forward to seeing the full moon against empty skies. I saw a great shot yesterday of the moon with a thin line of cloud through it, beside the minaret of the mosque. But I was in a hurry to get to a concert my daughter was playing in so let the chance of a photo go.

    Best wishes for the move. I laughed when I read your caption: when I was visiting a relative in Los Angeles in my student days she gave me a present of a city bus tour. I went to enquire at the ticket office when the bus would be arriving at my stop, and was told that it wouldn't be long and that 'we'll load her up when she rolls in.' Seems like the wagon train mentality dies hard in the American West.

  7. Such pioneering spirit......loving the fact that there was plenty of room for your sewing machine and other crafting essentials.......hoping your new home is everything you wished for and more.

    Safe journey, florrie x

  8. this is so cool! i feel excited just reading the post, like I'm coming with you! I hope it all goes smoothly and is stress free. much love x

  9. Wishing you a good trip, looks like you got the essentials packed ;) xxx

  10. Have a lovely safe trip, I'll post the wool to the croft address probably next week if that's okay - just in time to settle down to some time with your wheel ;)

    Catch up with you soon x

  11. Have a good and safe journey today, I will be thinking of you as I travel through Scotland tomorrow. Sewing machines and wool and a bale of hay - key ingredients to an adventure I'd say. Lots of love xxxxxxxx

  12. My mother grew up in Stornaway. She went back 50 years later and was greeted by old friends as if it had only been a few years. She always has wonderful stories about the place, that its on my list to visit.

    Safe journey. May the weather treat you kindly.

  13. Much love and happiness to you on your wonderful journey xx

  14. I love the top photo! All you need is your Dutch Oven to cook on during the long journey. I hope the trip goes / went very smoothly and that the next chapter of your Lewisian Life starts well and continues likewise.


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