Sunday, January 23, 2011


It always amazes me how quickly we fall into a more relaxed rhythm within a couple of days - hours, even, of being here.  The hurly burly of the last two months seems years away now.  We have just picked up the threads where we left off.

Maddie Mor and Maddie Beag were absolutely fine - they have grown quite a bit over the last few weeks.  They did not appear to have noticed either our departure or our return, much to the dismay of James, at whose insistence we had carted a bale of lowland hay in the back of the truck, as a present for the sheep.  Ah well.
The heavy frosts have taken their toll on the back wall of the barn. This will need some swift attention, as we don't want to lose this valuable building.  We are planning to re-roof it later in the year, but a repair job will be carried out this week, by the man in the yellow wellies.

Quite a lot of crofty things being planned for this week, so it was good to head off to our favourite beach for a few deep breaths of good clean air.

And, it was great to get our toes in the ocean again.  Very refreshing!

and breathe...


  1. How wonderful to have somewhere where the pace of life is at such a relaxed pace. When I was a child we felt like that about going on the canals, Incommunicado, and completely relaxed.

    I'm glad the sheep are fine, I kept wondering how they were fairing, daft aren't I!

  2. Makes me feel relaxed just reading your post x

  3. Truly blessed!

    Have a good week... hope the man in yellow wellies does not encounter any further probs with the wall restoration.

    Hugs to you

    San x

  4. Lovely photos. We always feel more relaxed about 10 minutes after getting off the ferry when we go to Harris! Best wishes for the barn work.

  5. Love the wellies picture, although my feet felt cold looking at it knowing you were toe-dipping.


  6. wow, just so beautiful! Ah Scotland you beautiful lady!

  7. lol - i'm with Claire..i confess to wondering about the sheep...and the hens when you're up there...;)

    i had a bit of an exhale myself when i saw the photo of the Stones...


  8. Lovely photos Jacqui, 'specially the wellies! Good luck with the wall, it is a great building, can't wait to see it in it's new-roofed-ness xx

  9. breathe indeed, what fabulous beach photographs...

  10. Such a peaceful place to exhale...

  11. It looks like things are going really well. Your property is beautiful and your pictures are so amazing. They look like they belong in a magazine. I would love to visit that beach of yours and walk barefoot in the sand!

  12. such great photos - love the beach and the boots.

  13. Thank you all - that dip in the sea was so cold, my feet are still tingling!
    And thank you for your concern about the sheep. The local folk were all looking out for them - several have said that they saw the sheep were happy in the field. A neighbour gave them a bucket of water when it was freezing, but that was all they needed. The cold and ice are not as bad there as they are on the mainland, so they had plenty grazing,
    John bought a bag of cement today, so...


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