Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suspended for a moment in time

These Solstice days - when time is frozen.

The Sun stoops - low in the cold noon sky

Before turning his face quickly Southwards.

Leaving us to contemplate the gloaming.
As compensation for his fleeting visit.

All creation is waiting -

watching for signs.

The Moon - suspended.
Fullsome and ready to give birth.

 A pregnant pause

In the stillness - we can listen for our own voice.
In the darkness -  we can search for our own light.
In that space- between the breath - we can begin to renew ourselves.

And then - slowly - painfully

The wheel creaks - shudders -
And begins to turn once again.


  1. These images are just beautiful- Your words are so soothing.

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday season- all the best.

  2. stunning, stunning, stunning words and photos!

  3. That was just so, so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that. If I weren't already so boo-hoo-ey today, I would just go on and on, but know it really helped sooth the sore spot.
    meggs xxoo

  4. So beautiful Jacqui :)Thank you for sharing *hugs*

  5. Wow, I really like your photos and your words Jacqui x

  6. Your words and photos are just magic! It's such a different world to mine where we have just had summer solstice.

  7. Such a beautiful moment captured by your words and images............stunning.
    florrie x

  8. Oh what beautiful pictures and poetry, as the others have said. Beautiful because true, I think!

  9. Gorgeous :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. beautiful words and images, thankyou,

    Claire xox

  11. So very meaningful. Thank you so much for your words and images.

  12. Oh this is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes reading the text and the pictures are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. :)


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