Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So, that was Christmas

      A bit of rough and tumble,  some playing in the snow, and time for reflection

Piles of wet snowy boots after winter walks, lots of dishes to wash, time for some quite reading and Charlie and Lola.

Gorgeous grandson,  slightly harrassed me doing some Christmas Eve baking, and completed Nativity table. 
Apparently the wise men may need a taxi, if the road gets too bad, according to James

(and I wish to make it clear that the soft drink in the middle photograph is absolutely nothing to do with me but belongs to the photographer!)

Then we woke up and -  it was Christmas!  No photos - you had to be there.  Presents were given, dinner was cooked and eaten, crackers pulled, jokes told, endless and rowdy game of Trivial Pursuit, more dishes washed, bed.  Nice!

So, James received his longed for kitchen.  Many meals have been made, and cups of tea served.  I am not sure if the lamb and dolphin puppets are waiting hungrily for their dinner, or if they are intended to be the ingredients.  Hmmmm!
And a picture of some gorgeous blond curls, just because.

And, my present.  A spinning wheel! I've not had much chance to try it out, but already I feel it is a very zen-like thing to do. I feel calm just thinking about it. Watch out for the sheep shearing post in early summer!
Enjoy these Daft Days. xx

I am just posting this link to BBC iplayer for a really nice local TV programme screened last night.  It is a whistle stop tour of the Hebrides.  I was actually in the Callanish Centre, having a coffee and cake with my sister, when the TV crew arrived to do their piece at the Standing Stones, so I am nearly famous!

It is about an hour long - not sure if it will work outside the UK, but hopefully it should. xx



  1. Oh you lucky thing, receiving a spinning wheel, very soothing, Lovely montage of the build up to Christmas.

  2. It all looks so wonderful (and you have tons more energy than I could ever imagine having myself)! Your wheel looks fab! I can just imagine and cannot wait for progress reports-lol!
    Sorry to say the video was "not available in your (my) area." I enjoy your links though :))

  3. Your Christmas looks and sounds wonderful ...lots of family fun, food ...and dishes. All good.
    Sadly the BBC link doesn't work here in NZ.

  4. Ohhhh lovely photos and wow a spinning wheel, looks fabulous :-)

  5. Oh lovely wheel. I fear I may have "broken" mine already :(
    Love all the photo's of the "leading up to christmas" fun. Sounds like an absolutely perfect christmas.
    And loving the drink in the photo of you baking - at least we know it's really you and not a carefully staged shoot with all "bad" things hidden lol. (Says she whilst ignoring the huge tin of chocolates sitting just out of reach).
    Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Does that apron read I LOVE CAMP FOOD???? Can we get half a dozen for the next TM camp kitchen elves? Love, Veronika

  7. What a lovely sounding Christmas! You lucky lady, the spinning wheel looks beautiful :-) I love the curls! and the kitchen is fabby, is it homemade? Much love to you x

  8. Your Christmas sounds just lovely! Thank you for the TV link, I watched it and now I want to run away and live there too...beautiful. x

  9. You sound like you all had such fun xxx

    Gorgeous curls and what a fabulous pressie.

  10. Oh no Becks! Can it be fixed? Ask Dawn. We only have the toffees left in our tin.
    Laura - it is the one from myriad - everyone in the family contributed to it, as he really loved it
    I wasn't sure if the link would work outside the uk - sorry it didn't - I will just have to take more photos :)
    I love my pre-loved wheel, and I did get it before the big day, but I tried not to play with it before then.
    Veronika - yes it does! I've had it for 20 odd years ( it is a Snoopy one). That would be cool. I'll certainly bring it with me.

    Thank you all xxx

  11. You will love that spinning wheel - so soothing. I actually made a shawl with yarn I spun but fear I will have forgotten the knack now. All the best for 2011.

  12. Lynn- so glad you enjoyed the programme. hope you are doing well x
    Anne - it feels such a soothing thing to do - very mindful

  13. That sounds and looks like the perfect Christmas. And I'm so pleased for you that you received a spinning wheel! Although I'm not a spinner myself I can imagine it would be very soothing. Thanks also for the link to the Hebrides programme, I'll give that a try when I have a few minutes. I love Callanish. I never quite know if I'm imagining that there is a very special energy there?


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