Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Posted missing.

I missed out this montage from my previous post, but it was too late to sneak it  in after I realised.  Anyway, it deserves a post of its own.
Late on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, a postman knocked on the door with a couple of parcels and a pile of cards.  A visit from a postman - any delivery man, in fact, is such a rarity here, in Central Scotland, nowadays.  Since the start of this long Winter, we have had only about 5 deliveries in total from Royal Mail.  I am still waiting for items posted at the beginning of the month. I cannot imagine the chaos that must be going on in the sorting office.  I asked the postman how things were going, and he gave me a strange, haunted look and went off muttering.  Poor man.
Back home on the Island, we live next door to the post office.... (dreamy sigh...)
Enough - enough!  What was in those parcels?  Presents and love from lovely Blog ladies were there!

Pippa (When I get the time) sent a beautiful lavender filled heart, she had made from the same material as my kitchen blind. I love this fabric. Thank you Pippa - I will take this heart back up to the croft and hang it in my kitchen there.

On Liz's blog (Just hang on a minute), I won the Christmas candle in her giveaway.  My first ever blog prize.  It is a glittering handrolled beeswax candle scented studded with cloves.  How lovely is that?  But, somehow, a little Robin, made by Liz herself, must have flown into the parcel too.  Just in time to go on the Christmas tree. xx

And then cards - another little Robin from Liz - her blog was so full of inspiring Christmas crafts this year, and a fabulous card from Claire (Border Stories) - drawn by her younger son Felix.  I love it, and it makes me smile whenever I see it.  In fact, Mr Mosaic maker has kind of chopped the end off the photo, so here is another one.

Santa looks very warm and comfy there I have to say.

I love the connections I have made in this blog world.  People whom I would never ever meet in real life, but they just somehow click with me, and I know that were we to meet up, we would just carry on the conversation. 
I have met a few blog Mums at TM camp, and it was just like that.  We knew about each other - recognised the children - ice already broken -  natural and friendly. People would refer to things we had blogged about, as if we had chatted over a cup of tea the week before.  I loved it. It reminds me, though, how much we touch each others lives when we blog.  Thank you all for touching me with your kindness and friendship.

I am going to be making a few changes to the blog over the next week or so, as we get ready to head back (at last) to the croft.  Just cosmetic stuff, to reflect our new crofting/farming lifestyle.  A new name too!!  ??


  1. Such wonderful gifts and cards! And/But your bowl of oranges in the background looks fab! Did you make that?
    Santa does indeed look like he is taking his well-deserved rest.
    Looking forward to the "blog-lift" LOLOLOL! I crack myself up!
    Stay safe and warm!

  2. such loveliness!! it's so wonderful how the Land of Blog has opened up my world to so many amazing people....

    safe trip 'back up'...xo

  3. Lovely photos of a family Christmas, washing up included! Love the handmade gifts. These are little treasures that will last for ever, and are priceless. Did I spot the taxi in the nativity scene? A childs eye view is so simple. Lucky you with the spinning wheel. Love and best wishes for 2011. By the way, what is the Phoenix celebration?

  4. How lovely! And a late Christmas Eve postal delivery is extra special. Like Alison Uttley's 'A Country Child', or a story I once read by Laurie Lee about Christmas shopping in his village on Christmas Eve. I've never been able to find this story again, but it was the essence of Christmas.

    And it is wonderful to meet on-line friends in real life. We had that experience with a Suzuki music family, when we went to a week-long Suzuki institute in their remote Canadian village. We seemed to bypass several stages of 'getting to know you' and drop straight in at established friendship.

  5. I was chatting with a lovely friend yesterday who had met you at TM camp and said how much she resonated with you and was looking forward to see you again. Just remember how many people have been touched by YOU, beautiful woman. ;-)
    Wish you and James and John a glorious new year.

  6. So glad you liked the candle, I hope it brings you lots of good luck for 2011, remember not to blow it out though! The robin was the children's idea, they wanted to put a little extra in as they love looking at the pictures on your blog too. Zoe was so pleased she'd picked out your name! I too love the blog connections I have made, it is a constant comfort to know that there are lovely people out there, even on days when it feels like there aren't. I look forward to seeing the new look blog emerge over the next few weeks, Blessings, Liz

  7. Wonderful handmade goodness, and yes it is lovely the people you meet online, it has been a pleasure to know you and I look forward to connecting more in the future.
    Look forward to seeing your new look and new name as you return to the croft.
    Blessings to you all for the New Year xxx

  8. Glad you received our post! Felix is happy you liked his card too :) I'll post the kombucha on in the New Year, same address or not?

    Have a lovely New Year's Eve and all my best wished for the coming year!


  9. These are such lovely gifts and a wonderful Christmas you must have had. I hope your New Year is wondrous and filled with many glorious days. xxxx

  10. Thank you all for your good wishes.
    Claire - yes, same address until around 20th jan.
    Marilyn. The phoenix ceremony is when you sit at the fire and think of something you want to be rid off - a particular habit or way of thinking perhaps. You write that down on a piece of paper and then throw it into the fire and as you do, meditate on releasing that negativity from your life.
    We tend to do that on 12th night, when we burn the old greenery from the decorations.
    I did not make the orange decorations btw, Megg - they would be like charcoal lumps if I had tried to do that. xx


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