Saturday, December 11, 2010

A reminder.

I wrote these words on the kitchen blackboard at the beginning of the year, to remind us to think before we speak.  Over the weeks and months they faded, and were overwritten by other things we had to remember - 'order coal'  'dog food' or various unidentified mobile phone numbers etc -  things of everyday life.
Over the last few days, I have been reminded of the wisdom of these words - not only in how we speak to each other as a family, but how we relate to others in this 'virtual' world.  Blog posts, comments on other's posts and forum comments can all be read in different ways, depending on the circumstances or frame of mind of the reader.

I will strive to keep these words in my heart as well as on my blackboard.  Blessings. xx


  1. very true. so simple but they can make a world of difference...

    thank you for this reminder.


  2. Very true. In the absence of facial expressions, body language etc, the written word can mean so many different things to different people and those three words should be fastened to the top of everybody's computer screen!!

    You've made me determined to find Box of Delights and other books by John Masefield. Herne the Hunter was one of my childhood heroes!! xxx

  3. Hi Jaqui, my name is Laura, I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I love these words and the sentiments behind. I would love to teach my children to consider what they say more carefully. Of course this means I need to train myself to be more mindful first. hugs Laura

  4. Hello, Jaqui. I echo Laura's comment about just finding you blog (from Linda's "Slow Growing in Scotland"). I've enjoyed catching up on your crofter's posts. You know, sometimes it's actually good to be snowed in. Gives us pause to center ourselves and re-evaluate priorities. Your blackboard message is certainly one to aspire to. Keep snug...

  5. Jaqui such powerful three words and they are a wonderful reminder today, thank you.

    Hope you have a warm and beautiful new week. xxx

  6. I keep coming back to your words! I need to write them on our kitchen chalk board!
    Thanks for leaving a comment
    Blessings San x

  7. i love this message! i have added it to the little blackboard that hangs in my living room...what a lovely reminder.


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