Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade holiday 2010

I  first saw the idea for an Art-on the go bag in The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule.  I thought it was a great idea, but at the time, I had no-one to make it for.  Well, this year I am making 2 - yipee! My step-grandsons are now 7 and almost 5, so are the perfect age for this project - and I get to use some of my leftover tweed from the blinds I made in the Autumn.
It is basically a  drawstring bag made into a backpack.  I also made a pencil roll from more tweedy offcuts. In the bag,  I have added a tin of  beeswax crayons, a sharpener, a good drawing book, a mandala colouring book, and a book for reading.  No doubt some shiny gold chocolate coins will find their way in to the bag too.  Not entirely hand made, but I am pleased with it.  The second one will be finished tomorrow.  I have used blue for the bag, and reversed the colourway on the pencil roll.

My step-daughter, her husband and the two boys are coming over from Switzerland to stay with us on Friday for five days, so we will be having our present exchange during that time. We are all looking forward to their visit, as we haven't seen them for a year.  I hope they like their gifts

Can you see the Harris Tweed label on the inside of the pencil roll?  When I bought the tweed from the mill, the man asked me what I was making.  Thinking he was just expressing a friendly interest I answered - 'Two blinds and a cushion'  He then went behind a large counter,  unlocked a metal box and carefully extracted 3 of these coveted orb labels, which he handed over to me.  I felt as if I was being bestowed with a great honour, and reverently tucked them into my purse. It was so nice sewing them into the pencil rolls - I had a real sense that I was part of a great tradition.

Thank you to Tonya for the Handmade Holiday inspiration every week.


  1. Hi Jacqui,I love your art on the go bag. It's so colorful and sure to delight your little artists. They look fantastic.

  2. Gorgeous gifts Jacqui - have a lovely week together xxx

  3. wow these are great Jacqui! I'm sure they'll be greatly enjoyed! thanks for the link for the vote...already done :-) They are all gorgeous photos, makes me feel a little nostalgic...I was born in Dunfries and Galloway and lived most of my life in Ayr, but left Scotland to go to Africa then Uni and haven't been back since (10 years)! hugs Laura x

  4. What a lovely present and gorgeous fabric to make it from! I hope you have a really happy time when your family comes over, that's one of the best bits about Christmas I think and I have fond memories of my grandparents coming over for Christmas when I was little. The gifts from both my sets of grandparents were very often handmade and I always loved these best of all as they carried some kind of connection with the person who had given it to me and who I didn't get to see often enough. Have a lovely time. xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh god - they are great|!! This morning, in PJ's and before breakfast I sat sewing Esmé an sky blue harris Tweed lazy day skirt with fushia spooted ribbon trim. It is delious and I want it for myself. Could she be the only girl In The World with a Harris Tween Lazy day Skirt??!! I think so :) I LOVE this fabric! It is wonderful and I am dreaming about what else I shall do with it.... maybe a little crayon roll for Esmé and her Crimbly Stocking. Thanks for the inspiration! And THANKS so much for the fabric! Can you PM me (at GP) your address? So lovely, Claire xox

  6. Wonderful Jacqui! Bet they love them :) xx

  7. Lovely, such a warm colour, perfect for the season. I am sure they will be loved dearly!
    Thanks as always for your lovely comments, they always make me smile!
    Blessings, Liz

  8. What lucky children! Those are beautiful and I really like the Harris Tweed Orb labels (a detail that will probably be meaningless to the recipients). Harris Tweed is an amazing fabric. We have a friend whose parents used to run a tweed shop in Benbecula. He told me that people used to send their suits back, sometimes decades after having them tailor-made, so that the suit could be unstitched and resewn, with the pieces inside-out, and a new lining. A brand-new suit even if the fabric was 20 years old! And it would always remain a classic. I wish we valued things more properly in our society.

  9. Those art bags are just great. I have made two lined bed time bags form the same book, but have converted then into busy bags for friends' children. One is stuffed with wool, needles and a knitting book and the other cookware, a reversible apron and baking books.

    I think you were very blessed to have the labels gifted. Hope you are managing to keep warm.
    Hugs San x

  10. I adore your creative hand, Jacqui. Just wonderful!

  11. I like your ornaments. I love the buterfly and the one drawing :D.
    I loooooooove mango. I want to do a cocktel of it :D

    This is my moment. We bough a ham by internet and it take 2 weeks in arrive, too much and my husbad was a litle upset, but this week came and he was so happy like a child :D

    Have a nice weekend.

  12. First let me wish you a very happy New Year! Your portable art carriers are just fabulous. I love the fabrics you chose and those labels are the perfect touch and you're right, part of a great tradition. I know they will just love them.


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