Saturday, December 4, 2010

For the Birds

The cold snowy weather brings the birds flocking into the garden. Their hunger makes them more tolerant of our presence near them, and we delight in watching them peck at the bird table, or swing from the feeders.
The blackbird Lauds the sunrise with his beautiful plainsong. 

But all too soon, the morning rush hour begins and it is back to business. This feeder is a very popular breakfast stop.

Always a queue for a perch here. Think it needs a refill - Service please!

Some customers prefer to start with the fruit platter - chilled apples still on the tree.

The bird table d'hote is always popular, of course.
and we have lots more room downstairs. (don't you love their tiny fragile feet!)

Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

It's great fun, running a bird cafe.  Visit Veronika's blog for a wonderful birdseed flapjack recipe.

With thanks to the Blackbirds, Robin, Sparrow family, Blue-tit, Great-tit, Dunnock and Chaffinch for making this post possible.  You enrich my soul with your presence.


  1. Beautiful pictures Jacqui! I love seeing all the birds in the garden. We have been making various cakes for them on top of all the sunflower seeds and peanuts. I can't wait to hear the dawn chorus again though when its warmer, I do love to wake up to the sound of the birds. I am loving listening to the owls at night at the moment too. Still looks very cold there, its positively tropical here at plus 2!!!

  2. Lovely pictures. I especially love the third one down!

  3. oh, i LOVE these!! i love our bird visitors during the winter months....and i don't worry about them quite as much since That Cat is spending more time indoors with the cold...

    MUST go and see that recipe...we always 'bake' for the creatures at Solstice...


  4. What a sunrise! We've got to sort out the bird feeding arrangements here. Any bird that dares land in our garden gets chased by the chickens! At least I have put some mealworms out for the robins,

  5. Beautiful photos, thank you! I think birds are almost magical, and I'm amazed at their ability to survive this weather when as you say they seem so fragile.

  6. Oh my, what wonderful photo's, you are so lucky to see such beautiful tiny creatures, alas we have 2 cats and dont get any visitors of the feathered kind to our garden xx

  7. What an amazing colour in the dawn photo - a real shepherds warning! I too feed the birds and get so much pleasure from watching the endless movement to the feeders. Lovely photos.

  8. You're lucky to be able to entertain so many birds. We are surrounded by houses with cats, so I hesitate to put out food when I know the cats are patrolling.

  9. We don't have many cats around, ant is is too cold for them right now. Also, our garden is almost contantky patrolled by

  10. Continued (hit send button by mistake lol)
    so - constantly patrolled by Robbie the wonder dog, protector of small birds and large hens. The fact that his sight is so poor now and he wouldn't see a cat if it was right on top of him makes no difference - he looks the part. xx

  11. I love your bird photos. Ever since I was small, I've loved watching birds. I used to make up a big bowl of scraps and seed and chuck it out of my parent's window onto the flat roof and sit for hours with a pair of binoculars and a bird book! I feel very lucky as where we have moved to has lots and lots of birdlife, including green and great-spotted woodpeckers and tree sparrows. My DD would love a cat, but it's because of my love of birds in the garden that I won't have one, I think she understands. xxx

  12. Its one of our favourite things at the moment; to sit in the dining room watching all the birds flocking to the bird table and fllor around it, even though our snow has gone, the garden is still full of birds. Reuben now knows them all. xx

  13. LOL about Robbie. How cute is that! Your wee birds are just so beautiful! I have a covy of quail visiting the fallen apples (which I have left for them). I really want a photo, but they are so people shy and I want them to stay that way-especially with hunting season!
    Thanks for sharing your wee birds!


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