Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deep peace

The snow is still falling here and the garden remains white.  Every now and then, more flurries come down and tidy away our tracks.
 But we are snug and warm, preparing for the holiday and enjoying the peace of the season.

Well, with  two extra boys in this rather small house, this peace is not so much in the sense of stillness and quiet!  It is more the feeling of contentment and companionship  Content that we have all we need, and enjoying the companionship of my step-daughter, her husband and two sons, who are staying with us for a few days.
I posted last week about their Christmas gifts, which I had made.  We exchanged presents on Saturday after dinner, and the boys were really pleased with their art bags.  H, aged 7, pulled out his pencil roll and exclaimed 'Cooooollll!'  I was delighted -handmade is such a good feeling.
They got straight to work this morning - I love this image of H, staring up to Heaven for inspiration!

They happily drew and coloured and wrote all morning.  

 And John has had a bigger audience at story time.

Wishing you peace, wherever you find it to be.


  1. What a wonderful peaceful looking home you have, love the snowflakes at the window :)

  2. John must be a good storyteller Jacqui, judging by the faces of the three boys. Gorgeous photo!

  3. lovely....lovely.

    i shall have to remember that -- the peace is in the contentment (LOL) -- of which there is plenty.

    so true...the delight in something hand-made is so wonderful to see.


  4. There is so much more to Christmas then material things and the pictures of your home and children reflect this, such heartwarming images.
    Have a happy peaceful Christmas.
    florrie x

  5. everything looks cozy and warm at your home, i love the colors of your window stars - so beautiful xo

  6. Peace to you as well. Your house looks so warm in contrast to the cold winter snow.

  7. You're so right about the contentment. And as others have already said, your house looks like the perfect Christmas haven. How wonderful that your beautiful art bags were so well appreciated! Thanks for your comments on my recent posts, also. (I'll answer them there.) I hope the next few days continue to be full of true Christmas spirit for you. Mary will be nearing the manger by now!

  8. What a wonderful family time, and it makes so much more sense to be celebrating this in winter where you can all gather inside in the warmth of the fire and each others company. I would love a winter Christmas!

  9. Lovely, snow, handmade gifts, friends ... what more do you need for the festive season.

    Winter blessings, Dawn xxx

  10. So much warmth and good company. Beautiful days.

  11. Ohhh what lovely photos, and the last photo is heartwarming; the boys are sta around listening to the story :-)

    Enjoy the Solstice tomorrow, hun.

  12. Love the storytime photo, hope you have a beautiful Christmas xx

  13. Hi Jacqui

    New blog since the late summer when somebody hacked into my computer and I shut down everything and started anew. It took me so long to find yours again, but I finally did. James is sure growing tall!

    Love that Daddy reading a story picture. Sigh. Takes me back to the innocent days.

  14. Hello Jacqui,
    Lovely pictures as usual, you have such a cosy little home! So pleased the gifts received such a warm reception, its lovely to give something homemade. I love your red spotty table, I saw some of this locally and am feeling the urge to rush out and bag some, it looks so festive! What is the book being read, its obviously a winner! Talking of which, you have won my lovely candle, I have emailed you too, Christmas Blessings, Liz

  15. I so love these little peeks into your world. The boys look enthralled by whatever John is reading to the. So glad the gifts were well received.
    Seasons blessings to you and your family.

  16. Solstice blessings to you all, Jacqui. Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement you've given me. May 2011 bring you love, joy and happiness. With love, Veronika

  17. Thought about you last night when we watched Country File! I have a deep admiration for what you are doing, you are very blessed to be where you are, albeit truly battling with the elements!

    May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas with your family.

    With love San and co xxx

  18. I thought of you this weekend when I saw (on telly) more snow in Scotland. I am so very glad to read you have all you need! It looks like you are having a lovely time (and the boys too)-Wonderful!
    I also agree with all previous comments so will not repeat them LOL!!!

    Solstice Blessings, Peace, Joy and especially Magic to you and yours and hoping you all stay safe and snug.


  19. Lovely pictures of a happy home and family. Christmas is not just about presents, but about memories, keeping treasures for the Christmas tree from year to year, then as you look back 30 odd years to the woman you were, you realise you are just a modification of what you were then, and that you are becomming a wise woman, with gifts accrued along the way. Many blessings to you, and your family.

  20. Hi I thank you for your kind words, I am feeling much better lets hope and pray my strength increases as the days lengthen. Have a great time all of my little soldiers (grandsons) are feeling under par now Last I heard the five year old had taken up residence in his mum and dads bed and was fast asleep. XXX IF we dont speak again before Christmas LOVE TO YOU ALL. XXX Don

  21. Such cosy photos. Lots of love xxxxxxxx

  22. Been thinking of you today Jacqui. Made the very tasty squash recipe you left on my blog. Was very good :) thank you...wishing you a lovely Christmas xxxx


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