Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deep and crisp and even!

It has snowed and snowed and snowed  - and then it snowed some more. This is how my front gate looked this morning, and the path was cleared yesterday! A little love heart shaped hole to the outside world.

Here is the scene at the bottom of the garden today. I posted the first picture on Tuesday, and you can see how much more snow has fallen since then. The forecast for the next few days is - guess?  Snow!

I am quite enjoying this little spell of weather. The world is filled with beauty in this Winter wonderland.  From the big skies and huge white expanses of snow covered fields, fringed by the delicate lacework of the trees,

  to the sparkling, tinkling fragility of these icicles which have formed on an overhanging branch of the apple tree - the Earth wears her Winter finery well.

But there is more to love in this Wintry upside-down world.  It brings people together.  This is a very busy road, normally, but it has been closed, so no traffic passes by.  Instead, real live people - walking - and stopping to chat as we clear our paths.  Families go trekking by, Mums and Dads and children, enjoying some unexpected time together. A girl skips by, exclaiming to her Mother "I'm dancing in the middle of the road!"  The corner shop has become the hub of the neighbourhood now - folk content to walk there, instead of jumping in cars and heading of to the supermarket in the opposite direction. We stop and pass the time with neighbours we otherwise  rarely see, although they live a few doors away. There is a general air of goodwill and "Hail Fellow Well Met" attitude abounding. it feels good - like a community.

Not everyone is happy though! The hens hate it.  They have had to be dug out every morning, and boy, do they complain!

Once a decent space has been cleared for them, they venture out long enough for a drink and some breakfast, before they head back in to the hut. Poor girls - they are really looking quite miserable, but at least they can cosy up together and keep warm.
Hope you are all cosy and warm too. x


  1. Wow that is a lot of snow!!! Beautiful pictures as always. Chickens really do hate the snow, and the rain as well. Poor things, tell them it will soon be spring!! It was minus 6 here at about 7pm, but we are very snug in front of a roaring fire, hope it doesnt get much colder though!! There was no such sense of community here earlier, Zol was stuck in the car park and had to dig the car out, but several people just walked past and looked, typical suffolk, lol!

  2. Just wow!!!!! So beeuatiful - I'm a tad bit envious. I haven't seen a snow like that since I was a little kid.

  3. You do have a lot of snow! I know just what you mean about life slowing down and people being friendlier because they have time to connect with one another. I've seen a lot of people helping each other out here in Aberdeen too. I hope the hens cheer up soon. Our indoor cat is very grateful for her hot water bottle these days!

  4. Wow, now that is a whole lot of snow. Hope you're all keeping warm and cosy inside (with the cake and coffee as you mentioned on my blog ;-)).

    I do love how you talk more to neighbours and people you don't know in weather like this when everyone's walking, the community spirit that is often missing nowadays. Enjoy some snow fun, watch you don't disappear into it though - it looks very deep. And oh poor chickens!


  5. Wow - just beauiful.

    It's amazing how many people we've seen in our village too - lovely to stop and chat.


  6. Wow...beautiful scenes! I am hankering after living somewhere with a sense of community, that must be lovely. I am looking at the snow from indoors but can't risk going out so have to be content with lots of hot tea and chocolate :-)

  7. I always feel sorry for the chucks in this weather. How are the sheep fairing? Keep snug and warm. xx

  8. What a delight to find a little heart and the snow is amazing. It sound so wonderful to live in a place where people are real, time spent together and enjoying the delights of life!!!

    Hope your chickens stay warm and you as well.
    Have a magical weekend my friend. xxx

  9. Love all the snow. Its gorgeous. Those poor little hens though...

  10. Beautiful pics! Our hens are all huddled in the shed and not venturing out at all!

    I see you are reading Wild Fermentation - isn't it great? A friend told me about it maybe five years ago and I have been experimenting ever since.... would you like a Kombucha mushroom? I have lots sitting in my fridge awaiting homes.... Ditto Kefir culture....


  11. Wow how moments. I love heart :D

  12. Poor girls. They're so fluffed out against the cold. I hope that just now they're tucked up in their house, dreaming of spring and plentiful pecking.

  13. ooh, the poor wee hens!! i know how persnickety hens can

    the snow IS gorgeous though....the heart is wonderful...

  14. Thank you all for your warming comments. The hens were slightly happier today, but not venturing very far.
    Claire - the sheep are fine. We are back down at the old house until the New year, but the whole village is looking after them! xx

  15. Yikes-that is a lot of snow and although it looks beautiful, the older I get the more I don't want to be cold. Above normal temps here-I even caught a break and was able to wash the house windows, outside, in just jeans and a t-shirt.
    Jacqui, that is so wonderful you have people you can trust to look after your stock while you are away. That is priceless!
    Hope you are having a great time at "the old house."


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