Monday, November 22, 2010

Some birthday fun.

Who is that woman - anyone know?  She has so many candles to blow out, she needs 3 cakes to hold them all!
Alright - it is me, having one of those birthdays that folk seem to think is special just because it starts with a 5, and ends in 0, and a good enough reason to show face on the blog for a change.  A very rare occurence, and it might just be another 10 years before it happens again!

 Lots of lovely presents though - special birthdays do have their compensations.  Lovely food and fellowship with family, a new static lens for the camera, music, lovely smelling things - and this work of art. Hand spun, dyed and knitted by a local craftswoman - just fabulous - I love it.  I can just see myself striding the fields, crook in hand, tending my flock, or planting the potatoes, wearing this as protection against those South Easterlies.  It is warm, roomy and has that gorgeous oily smell. Did I mention that I loved it? Well I really do.

And now for a birthday game - no prizes, it's just for fun.  A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of one of the standing stones at Callanish, and several lovely people commented that it looked like an owl.  Many of the stones seem to contain images,or represent something, and I thought I would share some of them here. I walk this magical circle often, and yet each time, the changing light reveals another picture I hadn't seen before, or I notice a new angle, and behold a different shape. 
I took a stroll up to the Stones towards sunset and photographed a few. Look carefully - tell me - what do you see?





Of course there are no right answers.  The stones show different colours to each visitor. I'd love to know if you see the same as me.


  1. 1 - a fish
    3 - the scream by edvard munch

    Happy happy bday! I had a bday ending in "0" this year too! Enjoy!

  2. 1. A fish leaping pwards.
    2. Foreground - a figure with arms stretched upwards, background a kneeling lady praying in the shadow of the rock.
    3. A beautiful nymph.
    4. A wise woman
    5. Laden men.
    6. A guardian.

    Happy birthday Jacqui - you look so beautiful in that photo, calm, gracious and oh so content. Thank you for sharing memories of a special day.
    Loving the new profile pic too, is that the gorgeous new jumper (strange word?) being worn already?
    Blessings to you and yours

  3. 1. a wizard or gnome
    2. a joyful dance
    4. a head bent in prayer
    6. a wiseman
    Happy, happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Jacqui, for yesterday. Loving your grey locks :-)

    I looked at the stones and saw:

    1. An old man with long beard.
    3. An image of a flower in a meadow
    4. An old shaggy dog looking up to the sky.
    6. An image of a man riding a large bull.

    Is this a secret psychology experiment ;-)


  5. 1. A seal looking upward.
    4. A shaggy dog

    Happy Birthday. You do look so beautiful in that photo x

  6. Happy birthday Jacqui - you look absolutely beautiful in that picture xxx

    1 Gnome
    2 In the small stone is a naked lady sat up (and looking down).
    3 Two eyes and and ear (looking at your moon phase).

  7. oh Jacqui! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greetings. I hope this solar return brings much joy, love and abundance into your life. With love, Veronika

  8. Happy Birthday Jacqui, I do love your picture, beautiful.

    As for the stones
    1 a row of gnomes stood behind one another
    3 an imp
    4 a woman in quiet contemplation
    6 chaos and demons

  9. Yay, happy birthday, you look radiant. I'll be celebrating one of those 0 birthdays next weekend.
    Loving the jumper, what a beautiful colour, cosy and warm.

    Wow those stones, okay here's what I see
    1 - definitely see gnomes, arm around another
    2 - a yoga pose (can't think which one but first thing that came to me)
    3 reminds me of The Scream
    4 - a wise person
    5 - wise people gathering
    6 - A face to the bottom left - looking pensive.

    It will be interesting to compare what people see. Have a lovely day!

  10. Happy Birthday Blessings xxx lovely photos , I love photo 5 , he is like a calm meditating man amongst the crowd xxx

  11. happiest of birthdays to you!!!

    beautiful stones...always... and boy standing side by side with the man's arm around the boy's shoulder.

    2. a praying mantis (seriously)

    3. yep - definitely looks like The Scream

    6. a crowd of ghosts....


  12. I am about to make your day :0
    We do not celebrate our first birthday until we have lived one year. So, your birthday marks the completion of your V0th year and you are now beginning your V1st year.
    Too late to get upset now-LOL!!!
    My dear, you are gorgeous! Love the photo and love, love, love your new thumbnail!

    I shall return with a comment about the stones over my lunch hour.

    Happiest, happiest Birthday wishes for you Jacqui! I hope you have/had a wonderful day!

  13. I must be running very uninspired today because in a few of them, I couldn't see anything. Like in #6 it's just a stunning piece.
    1. Rear view of a robed woman riding a camel
    2. Nothing on the tall slender one, but I see a number of shifting images in the far rock: angelic beings, briefly a dog, a pharaoh.
    3. Just a few faces of sprites popping out to giggle and poke fun.
    4. One view is a profile of an old gnome, but then again it looks like a butterfly at rest.
    5. Center one resembles the statues on Easter Island.

    They are just lovely aren't they?

  14. Ooh thank you all for your lovely comments - I certainly feel radiant after reading them all.
    I am indeed wearing the new jumper in the profile pic, and trying out the new lens too.

    I loved reading all your thoughts on the stones. here are mine.
    1. I have always thought it had a bit of an elephant look to it, or a warrior returning from a journey with a bag slung over his hip.

    2. Well, this was one of those times when I saw this stone (same as no 1) from a different angle. usually I walk straight up the avenue towards the centre circle, but I happened to look this way for a change and wow! Change of perspective! To me this looks like a squatting woman giving birth, being supported from behind by her partner.
    In the second stone I see a bird perched on a tree branch.

    3. yes i saw a wee white ghostie too, but now it has been mentioned, it does look like Munch's The Scream! I wonder if he ever visited the stones?

    4. I see a wise old man - a bit grumpy, but with a definite twinkle.

    5. This one was for Uma, who knows the stones well, and thinks the one in the middle looks like a woman carrying a creel on her back. it does too! These are really tall stones, and they seem to be looking out to the sea and the sunset. I love their straight backed steadfastness, and the calmness is palpable.

    6 In this stone I see a calf or foal in the lower half of the stone - but, Becky, I hadn't noticed the rider, and as soon as you said that he jumped right out at me!

    Thank you so much for sharing. Really, it was not any psychological testing, it was just a bit of fun and opportunity for contemplation. i hope you enjoyed it.
    Thank you again for taking some time out with me. xx

  15. Very happy birthday wishes!
    :) Emma xx

    to me 3 looks like a dancing goddess and 4 a crone!

  16. Happy birthday!

    It is so late that I'm almost asleep, but just to say that the first one looked like a vast turkey. Time to go to bed, I think!

  17. First HAPPY BIRTHDAY and what beautiful gifts.

    As to the stones (and I haven't read the comments of anyone else), to me they convey words; words floating out of the earth, the air, the sky; and ancient history, past lives and memories of all those that have gone before. I know stones can't have memories; but to me they convey all manner of things and I think I would have to be there for real, touch and stare, and then I could better communicate my thoughts. (And the birthday 0s become more precious as the years move on.)

  18. Happy birthday! You do look very radiant! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Incredible stones. How I would love to admire those. I think I would probably see different things each time so I will say shapeshifters for each of them!

  19. Happy Birthday Jacqui xxxxxxxx

    1 - a bear looking upwards
    2 - a pair of hands, clapping
    3 - an anxious face, chewing it's nails
    4 - old man, bent over
    5 - impportant figure with a definite nose!

    What beautiful rocks, I bet you see different things at all different times of day and daylight. I hope you had a really happy day. xxxxx

  20. I love these photos - Callanish has a very special feeling to it. Thank you!

    I also really like the name of your blog. I now know what to call myself, almost all the time! I think it's in the nature of gardening... The snow has definitely interrupted my gardening plans for this weekend, but I don't mind.

  21. Happy Happy Belated Birthday Jacqui. I would love it if someone placed three cakes in front of me. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration. I love the stones of Callanish. I've never been there but your photos do it justice. Everytime I look at them I see different things. In the first I see a fish and in others I see people's faces. It's all very interesting and beautiful.

  22. A belated Happy Birthday! The stones are magnificent. :)

  23. ~as usual I am way after the event but here is what I see :-
    1. A tall bearded-hooded figure with a seal
    2. a pregnant figure with arms reaching up to the sky
    3. Kokopelli the spirit of music hides in this stone
    4. a hooded figure stooped over
    5. a candle
    6. definite face in this one with hollow eyes and a pointed hat !


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