Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Out and about

We woke up on Sunday to a perfect golden morning - just a touch of sparkling frost, highlighting the beauty.  This is the view from my bedroom window - ever changing with the light and weather, but how it gladdens my heart each day to wake up here.
We have been very busy being out and about on various errands, but not so busy that we can't take the time to enjoy being here.  Mainly photographs today - you don't really want to know about our fencing and ditching discussions.  Well, maybe you do, but perhaps later - for now I'll let the beauty of nature speak.

Although, Henley the cockerel always has plenty to say  for himself!

It is cold this morning though, and the heavy coats of the sheep on the next croft are still covered in frost.
The rosemary that I planted at the end of summer is in a cosy spot behind this old wall and is doing well.
Later in the afternoon, we took a walk along the beach.  I never tire of watching the waves, and these ones were breathtaking! I can never resist taking off my boots and socks and getting my toes into the water, and by the time I had walked barefoot  down the freezing sand, the water was almost warm!

 I could watch these breakers roll in all day, and we did stay for quite a while, but the weather began to change and we headed home, just as the storm broke.  As the shipping forecast says, Force 9 - 10 sometimes 11, occasionally 12.  Back on the mainland I would have been worried by such a wind, but here I felt quite safe and secure, cosied into our kitchen.

Most of the structures around here have been standing for quite a while, despite the violence of the winter storms, so I guess I took comfort in that thought.
By the next morning, the winds had died down and the only trace of bad weather was a light dusting of snow on the highest of the mountains.
Down at the croft later in the morning we were greeted by some neighbours, who wandered over for a chat..  What a fine looking trio they were too!


  1. Wow what beautiful pictures I too would take comfort in the long time standing structures-those cows are just be beautiful to look at!
    the photographs of the waves are amazing!

  2. What a gorgeous view. The ocean photos are so striking.

  3. My 5 year old has just said "wow, that's beautiful" on seeing the photo of the view from your bedroom window. I can only agree

  4. Some amazing pictures there Jacqui xxx

  5. oh, what a beautiful way to start your day!!!

    and what a lovely way for me to start mine -- seeing these gorgeous and inspiring photos...thank you!!


  6. Lovely pictures, I too love wave watching - could sit and watch them for hours. When I was younger I would go with my Dad in any weather, and climb into places to get great pictures too - mind you I still do given the chance.


  7. Such beautiful photo's! I would love to have a view every morning like this and those waves are truly amazing oh and I must not forget you lovely animal friends.

    Have a wonderful day my friend. xxx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and what a wonderful view from your bedroom! Is it just me, or does anyone else see a barn owl, semi-profile in that standing stone? I can see the heart shaped face and feathers etc.
    My favorite has to be that stone fence and the rosemary though. That is a definite consideration for next years Agricultural show. At least in mho.
    I have neighbors like those three; I much prefer them to the 2-legged kind. :)
    I hope you are having a great week!

  9. yea i see an owl too, georgeous phtos

  10. The nearer to nature we are, the less intimidating the weather seems. Have you read 'The Shipping Forecast' - and I don't mean that which is broadcast over the radio waves last things at night and just at the end of world service (or maybe it's the start of radio-four) in the morning.

    Brilliant pics; I feel I am there alongside you, a fly on the wall.

  11. Thank you all - I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures and I love to think of you starting the day with me.
    Lilac - It is so heartwarming that your 5 year old appreciated the view. x
    I didn't see the owl till you mentioned it Meg and Joxy, but i see it now. In fact there are lots of images hidden in various stones. I may do a photo post based on that soon - thanks for the idea.
    Ann - I haven't read that book - but it may come to the fore now that the Shipping news actually means something to us now.

  12. nice pictures.. seems to be a wonderful place. i liked..

  13. Oh yes, I was coming on here to mention the owl too :-)

    What a wonderful home you have Jacqui - looks like you are living the dream there...

  14. Well with views like that I would be out and about as well. Such lovely photos and I like your three lovely visitors. Hope all is well there.


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