Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On days like these

It has been snowing for several days now - snow on snow. So deep that most of the rowan tree's trunk is submerged in a sea of white. Icy blasts of wind come whistling over that North facing wall, and my attempts to clear the greenhouse roof are abandoned for other pursuits.

 On a day like this, then

we make ice art,

we remember the warmth of Summer and the abundance of Autumn, still sharing the garden with us.

We welcome old friends,

and we marvel at how much snow the back of a pick-up can hold!
Inside we paint and listen to some classical music radio,

and we are warmed by candle and firelight.

On days like these, I am thankful that I have my family at home, safe and warm, and that we have enough good nourishing food to sustain us.  We have nowhere we need to be, but here.  

My thoughts today are with all who must travel in these conditions.  I hope your journey is safe and you are soon back in the warm.


  1. The snow is cold but oh, so lovely. We rarely get it here and so it is a special occasion when we do. Enjoy it.

  2. very beautiful. I love the ice art. We had the lightest dusting of snow today, and my 7 yo was jumping for joy, but still waiting for more around here...

  3. Jacqui, your photos are gorgeous and warming. Your ice art is wonderful! I feel inspired to go back outside again and have some more Wintry fun. The photos of you are stunning, by the way. You look amazing. I hope things feel calmer within following your Mum's transition. Love and hugs from snowy Cumbria. Veronika

  4. Oh I love your ice art! I have been out to get bucket after bucket of wood in and an equally large amount of coal, but there is an icy wind howling here, and that is enough time outside for me! It looks fairly parky there too, your little one must be good at cold tolerance, mine are only outside for about 10 minutes before coming in freezing!! You have also inspired me to get the painting things out, we have been all flat out ill for over a week now, I think some art time would be very therapeutic. Glad to see yor keeping warm, its definately a time to be grateful for a warm house!!

  5. gorgeous ice-art --and beautiful photos.

    there really is nothing more comforting than having your family, safe and warm indoors with you, while the storm rages outside...


  6. Wow - I didn't realize you get so much snow over there - what a beautiful blessing.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. Beautiful, and what a great way to spend your time when there is no need to go out xxx

  8. Lovely, lovely post-I so enjoyed it. I don't watch the news (or much tv at all) so I had no idea of the winter storm at all! Did you get your beautiful windows covered in time for those winds? Glad you are all safe, snug and warm!

  9. What beautiful photos, and a great idea with the ice art! We have had another very snowy day in Aberdeen. My daughter was quite disgusted that her school wasn't closed today, despite the snow there being nearly over the tops of her wellies. I'm glad you could all stay cosy inside. We were very thankful for our food and warm house at tea-time tonight.

  10. I love the ice art too....really beautiful!
    I think that's something we could have a go at xx

  11. This is probably one of the best blog posts I've ever read. When the weather is so bitter and cold, I often sit in bed and feel very thankful for the food in the cupboards and our warm beds and offer up some words of thanks. I think about all the little birds in the hedges that come to the feeders in the daytime and the rabbits that dig for food in the snow when we're all tucked up in our bed. Farmers, sailors, emergency workers, the lads that are up at the crack of dawn, cropping cabbages - they're all in my thoughts at this time of year when warmth and comfort as so much on our minds.

    The ice art is just beautiful and something I'd love to try with my children, I think they'd really like to do that. Keep cosy xxxxxxxx

  12. Lady this beautiufl post has me in tears, such wise and true words.
    I am thankful for you and the warmth you bring

  13. Such a beautiful post and gorgeous pictures. Such a lot of snow you have there! James' look of wonder is precious. Glad you are all well and keeping warm. :)

    I hope to be around more often now after an extended semi-blogging break and look forward to catching up with you again. :)

  14. My ds and I are just off outside now to make ice-art!! Thansk for the reminder to do such.

    Lovely pics!

    is it ok to add your blog to my blogroll?

    Thanks, enjoy the snow!


  15. Just noticed you wrote you liked chant music, my friend Emma is a chant scholar and has some lovely bits on youtube. She has a wonderful voice and real zesty passion for study and discovery in that area.



  16. I'm so glad snow season has arrive where you are and you can spend many happy moments, crafting, listening to music, and stoking the fire. Here's to many happy moments.

  17. Hope the cold lasts until the weekend and we can do some ice art too! Your post is a hymn to snowy days.


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