Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love to shop?

I love shopping - but only once a week!

Share your love for today with  Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic.


  1. Oh, how fab - definitely means you can't spend too much ;o) xxx

  2. LOL! now that is the coolest thing ever...except of course if you run out of something in the middle of the week!!

  3. Awesome picture!! :)
    That's my kind of shopping, too. I'd totally go for that.

  4. Have a great day shopping. Enjoy.

  5. It is a wonderful wee shop with an amazing range of groceries. The arrival of the Stag Van is keenly awaited by many here.
    Errm - could I maybe borrow a wee cup of sugar until Monday? xxx

  6. Okay, see, I am one of those truly weird women that does not like to shop. What is the Stag Van? Boy, it I could do all my shopping from a van that came by the house, I would be in heaven!

  7. megg - the Stag Van is the mobile shop from the Stag Bakeries in Stornoway. It visits our road every Monday at 11.15 am, and waits at the gate till we find our bags and money. They see all the things you could possibly need - bread, milk, chees, veg, meat, sugar, groceries etc. heaven in a van really. xxx

  8. Such a story this one picture tells! :)


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