Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeling a bit retro today.

Just having some fun with these retro photo effects.
Above is James helping his big sister, Kristine, in the kitchen -

- and James at work and play this morning. I am loving this - it is a free app (retro camera) on my mobile.  Now we are all striking moody film noir type poses. I'm sure it will wear off.  Meantime, I'll try and not get too kitschy...


  1. Love the effects on your pictures xx
    Nice new header too, think mine needs a facelift too.

  2. Lovely pictures! Your wee little man always manages to look so angelic! I love this effect. You must have a much posher phone than us, lol! Oh I do miss my chickens, our last two were snatched, we think by a stoat? I have to go and buy some more at the weekend. Chickens are such good company! By the way, I love your new pic, I have to admit to wondering who was commenting on my blog!!

  3. oh, i'm a total 'effects' convert -- LOVE's a whole 'nother art form, methinks....

    gorgeous, gorgeous...


  4. FAB pics, I just love the wonderful effect and your beautiful boy looks gorgeous :)

  5. Gorgeous photos. Remind me of my early snaps as a youngster in the 80's! xx

  6. I'll go even further back and say pure late 1960s!

  7. I love the retro look. The photos turned out great.

  8. Wonderful retro effects! Love the pictures of James in his blue hat. :)


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