Friday, November 5, 2010

F is for....

Flexibility.  If you saw my last post, you will have noticed these Angel Cards, which I like to use for a little bit inspiration.  I was thinking in particular of our new move to the croft and the challenges we face with this project.  As I sat by the fire and shuffled these cards I meditated on these issues and asked for a key word, or essence to guide me.  Well, as always with these cards, the guidance was just right.  I will need to be flexible in sooo many ways.  Physically I need to be fit - all those drainage channels to clear, peat to dig,  hay to mow, sheep to shear and produce to deal with (eventually)  Living on this island, where the weather seems to change every 10 minutes (although what a beautiful day it was today), flexibility will be key to getting the work done.  Letting go of narrow-mindedness, the book says. I never think of myself as being narrow-minded, but who does?  Already we are learning that the big ideas we had while we were still in the dreamy 'wouldn't it be nice?' stage just might not be feasible.  Goats, for instance, do not do well here, as they suffer terribly from foot rot, due to the wet soil - ah well - a nice jersey cow maybe?  We shall learn as we go.
And living on an island means we have to be flexible about our travel arrangements. My second F word is Ferry - and the ferries don't run in a Force 9 gale - especially if it is coming in from the north. So, our heavily trailed departure was delayed by a few days, to allow the winds to die down.  We headed on up to Ullapool to catch the Thursday evening ferry and enjoyed a nice smooth crossing.  James loves going on the boat and stood happily on the beach watching it dock, then the big doors opened and the cars and lorries streamed out.  Such excitement when you are nearly four - it's also quite exciting when you are nearly f.. (shhh!)
Talking of Ullapool brings me to my next F words - Feet and Fleece.  I was so thrilled with myself for learning how to knit a sock, last week.  I didn't, however, have enough of the Artesano Aran wool  that I had used, to knit an actual pair of socks, but James didn't seem to mind and said he would wait.  Imagine my delight to find a shop selling the most delicious yarns in Ullapool itself - including Artesano!!  Sadly, they didn't have the shade i needed, and sadder yet - the shop is closing down!!  Happily, the owner has 2 shops in the village and will be keeping a small selection of yarns and needles there - and they are still open until after Christmas, so I can do a fair bit of damage yet.  As i looked around, like the proverbial child in the sweetshop, not knowing what to go for - only that I had to have something - I spied a  basket in the corner, with a label that said it contained local handspun wool from local Moorit sheep.  Wonderful - just the thing for another sock, or maybe even a pair this time!

F for fire.  As we caught up with neighbours today we were told that the community council had organised a bonfire and fireworks display, with hot soup to follow.  We set off into the night - the starry sky was so incredible that we wondered how fireworks could compare.
They were pretty spectacular actually, but James didn't like the noise, so we had to pass on the hot soup and head back home.  It was nice to see so many people there, though, and what a thriving community we are living in.  When we got back to the house we spent such a long time just looking at the night sky. The most glorious, but silent light display.  Fantastic. xx


  1. lol -- ah, great minds, yes? i tell Savannah that the cards help us hear what our hearts can already tell us...."Yes," she says, "Because when we're muddled, we're not listening.." such wisdom!!

    another F word - FABULOUS...too bad about the goats but YIPPEEE for the Jersey cow...(that's my vote :))

    so many challenges but very worth it i'd say..

  2. I am really enjoying reading your blog. I too have a dream about crofting, my heart has been in scotland for a long time! I would love a jersey cow, they really are beautiful creatures. It is good to read about all the serious considerations too. I love goats. Especially the little pygmy type. My parents are moving to your area next year, they visit twice a year at the moment. It is beautiful, I am very much looking forward to spending some time there soon. The community is what draws me most, lovely!

  3. Great pictures of the fireworks, I find them hard to capture sometimes.

    Lovely wool too, who knows soon you could have your own sheep and take the wool from sheep - to washing - to spinning - to knitting (and throw in dyeing in there too maybe).

    Shame about the goats.
    Take care xxx

  4. Jacqui, I love your F words today. An such lovely photos as always to delight us with. The firer works must have been so wonderful and also the beautiful stars, such wonders.

    Hope you knitting goes well...
    Have a glorious week. xxxx

  5. F= Fab, as usual! I love that one sock lol! What a shame James was bothered by the noise of fireworks. I love them and love any kind of "boom" that rolls in the ground/house!
    But I agree, watching the stars without light or what they [here] call "night sky pollution" is always wonderful. If you haven't heard it before, check out the song Constellations by Jack Johnson. One of my absolute favs!


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