Thursday, October 14, 2010


We are still here - busy with lots of family visitors.  It is so good to welcome them and show them around this beautiful place. A spell of wonderful weather has resulted in many magical days at places like this. Normal  blogging will resume after the weekend, so leaving you with this image from Uig Sands on Monday. Keep a thought in your heart for Linda Norgrove, who grew up running around this beach - such beauty now holding a bittersweet edge.


  1. Beautiful photo xx

    I thought of you on Lewis the other day when I heard on the radio that Linda came from Lewis, thoughts with the family she leaves behind xx

  2. Our thoughts are also with Linda's family. It always seems so much more personal when you know of folk linked to them in some way.

    Beautiful photo, and so very still.

  3. So poignant, and as you say, so beautiful. I am following your Hebridean journey with fascination, and great admiration.

  4. A beautiful beautiful photograph. Thoughts with Linda's family. Didn't know exactly where she was from. War is truly hell.

  5. A most beautiful photo, I can feel the peace and wonders of this magical place.

    Have a beautiful weekend with you loved ones. xxxx

  6. so beautiful
    sending love and care

  7. Wow that is beautiful! Have a great time sharing your space and place and a great time with your visitors!

  8. I also thought of you when I heard the terrible news about Linda. My thoughts are with her family. Such sadness x


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