Friday, October 22, 2010

Journey's end

My Mother, Helen, died very peacefully this morning at 6 o'clock.  She spent her last night with my Dad - her beloved of 51 years.  We are so sad at losing her, but glad she is now at rest and that we had time to  honour her and say our goodbyes properly.
I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support - each word meant such a lot to me,.  Blessings to you all.


  1. (((hugs))))

    You and your family are very much in my thoughts at the moment.

    Blessing, hun.

  2. You are all in my thoughts today. Glad you were all able to say your goodbyes, however hard they must have been.
    You can tell from your words here and in other posts on your blog that she was much loved, and those memories will remain forever.

    Much love to all, love Dawn x

  3. I have kept you all in my prayers. Thinking of you and all your family at this time. Peace and love be with you. She will be with you in the warm rays of the sun, in the gentle wind, in the soft rain.

  4. much, much love to you and your family....

    it sounds the most gentle of passings...



  5. May her God be with her jacqui. Kindest regards to your family.

  6. My prayers are with you and your family my friend. It must have been such a peace being able to honour and cherish the final hours together.

    May Blessings and peace be with you. xxx

  7. (((HUGS))), thoughts and prayers with you all, so pleased her passing was peaceful and you all got chance to say your goodbyes

  8. These times are never easy, no matter how much preparation you feel you have made, but it sounds as gentle and loving as it could possibly be.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts


  9. Oh Jacqui, I've only just read your previous post. I'm so glad that you got to say goodbye and that your mum left this world in peace and with love. It will take a while to adjust to her being gone, but the love that you had for her and that she gave to you won't ever go away, nor the memories. And the very special things that she taught you will live on in your every day life and will comfort you I promise. You're in my thoughts. xxxxx

  10. Jacqui,
    I will be thinking of you and your family. Peace be with you all. Hugs sent your way ...
    I'm so sorry.

  11. Dear Jacqui, I feel so much for you. So glad that you were all able to be together with your Mum in her last days. My Mum died many years ago, when my first child was just 1. I know that your Mum will still be with you in thought and in love all the rest of your life.

  12. Oh Jacqui - I am so sorry to hear. My thourghts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Love Vanessa xx

  13. much love and healing at this sad time xx

  14. thinking of you all Jacqui...sending you lots of love and hugs xx

  15. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings sue xx

  16. Everything I try to write sounds trite. (Starting last week with your previous post). Since I couldn't/can't express it verbally, I have been sending all of you energy and lighting a candle nightly since last week.
    If you need anything long distance, just pop me a note!

    Much love to you and yours!

  17. Thinking of you all in these difficult days (((hugs))) May your mum rest in peace x

  18. big hugs and I'm holding you in my thoughts jacqui.

  19. Sending my love and prayers to you all Jacqui xx


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