Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been so comforted by the heartfelt messages I have had here in this space, and been so moved by your comments and emails, cards and gifts.  My Mother's funeral service took place on Thursday.  It was a sad and happy occasion.  Her suntanned, smiling face looked out from the service sheet - a photograph from a long ago holiday, and we sang two of her favourite hymns (Morning has Broken and Be Thou my Vision).  James and Finlay crawled about  under the seats, playing with some toys they had brought, and when the Minister asked us to please be seated, Finlay loudly inquired why he was still standing up!  
My daughter, Kristine, had written a poem for her Gran the previous night, and she managed, through tears at first, to read it to the church.  My husband remarked later that he felt like jumping up and cheering at the end!
A lot of people came and later shared their memories of Mum with us over a cup of tea.  There were many bursts of laughter from various groups as they recalled incidents from the past.    I think that she would have enjoyed herself and my Dad was happy with the day.
So, life is going on here still - a bit slower than before, as we gather ourselves.  Looking through photographs and mementos. Cherishing our memories, but also holding on to what we have right here, right now. Carefree boys playing at our feet - having such fun.  My son-in-law arriving for dinner, still wearing his pirate costume from the Halloween celebrations at the school where he teaches.
 Picking the last of our apple and pear harvest - ready to go into our fresh juices over the next week.  Learning to knit socks and excitedly telling my husband that I have just turned a heel!  Planning and preparing for our first year of crofting - talking oats and barley at the moment.

We will be heading back to Lewis, hopefully on Monday, where another small progression will be made  towards the fulfillment of our dreams.  At least the furniture will have arrived and we will have somewhere to sit and discuss our plans.  We will be back here at the end of November until the middle of January, keeping Christmas with the family and getting this house ready for the market. So, plenty to keep us occupied and no doubt much will find its way onto the blog.
Blessings and love to you all. xx


  1. Such blessings and peace of being together, thank you Jacqui for letting us know how everything is going.

    I hope that your return trip to Lewis will go smoothly as you continue onwards with you dreams.

    Have a beautiful day. xxx

  2. Morning Has Broken and Be Thou My Vision - what wonderful songs to celebrate moving from the old life to the new!

  3. Glad everything went well Jacqui, and what lovely plans you have for the next few months.

  4. Sounds like a lovely celebration of her life Jacqui, and I am absolutely certain she is quite pleased. Thank you for taking time to update and let us know you are "o.k"
    Love, Light and Peace be with you and your loved ones.


  5. Glad things are peaceful for you, Jacqui.

  6. Happy to read the day was enjoyed, through the sadness of your loss.

    Take care on your journey back to Lewis xx

  7. It sounds as if you all shared a real celebration of your mother's life. That sense of shared love and remembrance will be a support to you.

    Turning a heel! As an inept knitter I'm very impressed.


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