Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn in a treeless landscape.

When we were planning our move here, I read as much as I could on the history and landscape of these islands.  Many descriptions focused on the lack of trees, giving various reasons for this, such as climate change, or the Viking raiders setting fire to the forests.  Some writers claimed there is no real Autumn here - just a gradual fading of colour into darkness - as if Autumn was dependant on the presence of trees.  Well, being here, I can say that the colours of this season are beautiful- deep and rich and golden.  Without the trees, you see the Earth and she is a wonderful sight in her Autumnal robe.
The land truly glows beneath our feet.

 making us look closer

and we see other signs of Autumn - ones we might otherwise miss - like the intricate embroidery that makes up the pattern of this glorious season.  

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  1. I loved reading your most beautiful way of describe the Autumn unfolding upon your Island, the beauty which can be missed and noticed by only those who look, cherish the uniqueness of the environment and the earth.

    Enjoy your Autumn days finding hidden treasures my friend.
    A happy weekeend. xxxx

  2. Glorious indeed! It is lovely to see through your lens.

  3. I am sitting her LOL. I thought you were going to write about the lack of trees and I was going to tell you that you get used to it. And that the colors of the land and skies change with the seasons and that the colors of sunrises and sunsets will be different in fall/winter than they are in spring.

    And here you were thinking the exact same thing! How's that for coincidence! LOL again!

    It's almost as if with the splendorious (i just made up that word) colors of trees removed, your senses are heightened to pick up the otherwise overshadowed.
    Personally, I love it!
    (Although, i do miss the trees of my childhood a teeny bit).

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the trip went smoothly for the dog!

  4. Gorgeous mushrooms - I'm in love! (:

  5. Glorious, exquisite. I would certainly miss trees but would relish the wide one skies, and there is beauty all around us, just waiting to be discovered; give oneself the time to look. Thanks for this.

  6. I love what you have described here and your images will stay with me all day today. What a beautiful world we live in and what a beautiful place you have chosen to live.

  7. Oh gosh, I feel a bit homesick for the moors of my childhood. I still remember the beautiful colours the heather produced and could never understand it when "outsiders" described my homeland as bleak and forbidding.

    To me it was, and is, beautiful and exciting.

  8. Wow, your photos are breathtaking!! You're right, the grass is golden and bronze and has all the rich, warm colours that you associate with Autumn. Really beautiful. The photographs you take would make a wonderful calendar or postcards. They just make me want to be there and I can understand why Joxy says she's homesick looking at them. xx

  9. Your photo's are the most autumnal and richly coloured I have seen. Definitely autumn all around you now you show us where to look.

  10. So true. I learned in Shetland that trees aren't necessary to autumn.

    Thanks for your comment, but now I'll have to go and find out about this Yogi person, and I'll end up knowing something about football in spite of myself.


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