Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend leftovers.

We are busy getting ready for the journey back to up to Lewis, so a short blogging break is about to ensue. This trip back down was extended by a couple of weeks due to our old dog becoming ill.  We thought were going to lose him, but after some skilled vetinary attention and some tlc, he is again as large as life.  Well, considerably smaller actually - he had picked up a skin infection and his coat had to be shaved off !  So, he is joining us at the croft a few months earlier than planned.  Things are a bit hectic here right now, as we work out how to accomodate the belongings we want to take with us, as well as the sewing machine, which is about to go into constant use, lots of fabric,  a large batch of James's toys, books and craft stuff, the juicer, the preserving pan and other bulky cooking items, several dozen jars of jam, jelly and other produce from this garden, etc, etc, and now a large dog in a crate!  So, amongst all the hustle and bustle, it is nice to remind myself of things that have made me smile over the last few days - like the simple beauty of a bowl of hawthorn berries from the garden;
or the weirdly fantastic fractal pattern in this romanesco broccoli, bought at the farmer's market on Saturday.

As the garden beds empty or are sown with green manure - the postman brings the excitement and promise of our best ever season yet!
and an early frost finds a small boy with no gloves to wear.  My elder son, home for the weekend, happily offers to hold my wool as I wind - a task he has always loved  - but now he helps me with the hands of a grown man.  His younger brother,small boy hands now warmly mittened, can happily ride his trike around the garden tomorrow.

But, the sun comes out, and the gloves are off again - and the socks and shoes!  Hands and toes playing in the sweet earth, chasing the hens - such wonderful, living playthings.  Well, the girls will lose their playmate for another few weeks, as we move back up to the Island.  Excitement is building - now  the croft is really, officially ours, and we can make a proper start.  See you there!


  1. Have a safe journey, good to hear the vet worked wonders on your family dog.

    I've always loved the way the Romanesco looks, fascinating, and we've had the catalogues dropping through the post too. Time to plan again.

    Look forward to seeing more of your croft as you return there.


  2. Have a safe yourney back home. Looking forward to catching up with more pictures from the croft. Glad to hear "Io" is feeling better. Vanessa xxx

  3. How exciting to be going back north. I always long to get away from the Central Belt.

    Do I detect a Fibonacci sequence in the broccoli?

    I get the Organic Gardening catalogue with my copy of Garden Organic magazine. The catalogue is more interesting, I have to say, than the magazine.

    Are you still sticking it out with Country Living magazine?

  4. Oh, you can just feel the excitement in your words - what joy.


  5. Have a safe journey. Glad your dog is better. Hawthornes really are such a simple beauty. I think it is so touching that your big son still offers his hands for rolling wool. Just too wonderful. How these sort of things count.
    Blessings to you, dear mama.

  6. Wave to us on your way past. xxx Safe travels.

  7. How wonderfully exciting :-)

    And thankyou, thank you for the bedwetter mat and the lovely photocopied leaves. I'd not thought of doing this..and I have a colour photocopier! lol.

    Have a safe trip back up to Lewis.

  8. Have a smooth and safe trip Jacqui, I am glad to hear your dog is ok and the photos of all things that made you smile during a hectic week are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day. xxx

  9. Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing more about your life on your lovely croft.
    Best wishes to you all.

  10. All the best, and I'll look forward to reading about your new life as and when.

  11. Looking forward to learning more about your move:)
    What fun mail with the organic gardening catalog.
    I will add your blog to the Handmade HOliday page.
    Thanks and I look forward to sharing together.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  12. As usual, a lovely post from top to bottom! The broccoli almost looks like some kind of sea coral doesn't it? Are you sure the game is chasing chickens and not catching chickens? LOL! I love it!
    I will be sending you good energy for the trip back with the dog-bless his wee heart and hope you are able to take back all you wish to!
    Congrats on the finalization of the new home!! CHEERS!!!

  13. Aren't Romanesco's amazing? I've always been fascinated by their fractal design. Loved the pictures of your boy palying barefoot on the earth, that's what childhood is about! ;-) Have a safe journey.


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