Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wandering into the world.

Here I stand at in the doorway to my elder son's bedroom. It is bittersweet moment as I look at the tidy shelves, empty surfaces and spotless floor.The walls are bare, for now his posters hand on a different wall. He has moved out. - into the world - into his second year of studying chemistry at university - into a flat with three of his friends.
 Now his feet will wander the same streets as the young Sean Connery. He is a city boy now. How did this happen? Time is such a strange thing - as I stood on his new doorstep it felt as if nineteen years had passed like a sonic boom.
His little brother will miss him.  I will miss him - his sense of humour and playfulness, his calm reassuring presence, those huge, unexpected bear - hugs that swept me off my feet, and yes - maybe even those wet towels on the bedroom floor :)

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  1. And his mad cooking skills too!

    My he is a handsome fellow; I wish him all the very best at university.

    Lovely post Jacqui.

  2. Oh I know that bittersweet feeling Jacqui....when all the key moments from their childhood come flooding back, and you wonder just how it could all have gone by so fast. Hugs to you X

  3. aw- bitter sweet indeed-

    I saw Toy Story 3 this summer and in the similar spirit it was bittersweet.

  4. How funny Jacqui, I'm having exactly the same thoughts today. Our sons are at the same stage - mine is going into second year of Engineering, and moving into a flat with a friend. His bedroom is not in the same state as your son's - he's just finishing his summer job today and then doing moving of 'stuff' next week.

    I will miss him so much - the singing in the shower in the morning, the emptying of the fridge, the huge shoes in the hall.

    And the ubiquitous 'Cants' which I see your son favours too!

  5. What a sweet post. I hope your son comes home to visit you soon:)

  6. Sending you big hugs, Jacqui. You must be so proud of him, but feeling lost too. I often think that from the minute babies are born, we are slowly, inch by inch, learning to let go. Letting them climb stairs, cross roads, stay with friends etc. Each step is a little bit painful and yet makes us so proud at the same time and I guess they lead up to this moment when they finally leave the nest. Your boy might have left home, but home won't have left him, he'll always feel your love wherever he lives.

    Feel proud and give that little boy you still have at home an extra big cuddle. It goes too fast doesn't it! xxxxx

  7. Thank you all for your virtual hugs.
    Karen, in fact he will be back home next week for a couple of days, and of course his new flat is very handy for a lot of my favourite places. At the end of the month, though, we will be heading back up to the Island, so we won't see him again until Christmas.
    Linda - I was thinking of you when I wrote this post, as I remembered your son was at the same stage. yes - those huge boats of trainers in the hall - lol. And the cants, although his girlfriend is trying unsucessfully to restyle him.
    Thanks Megg - he is quite good looking, even when I have him squinting into the sun.
    Your are so right Pippa - and James is getting lots of extra cuddles.

  8. huge hugs Mama. feeling you x
    He is gorgeous lol


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