Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Walk

We are so enjoying these fine early Autumn days.  Mostly we just stay around the garden, but at least once  a week, we visit local woodlands or parks. We appreciate the inevitable changes in the trees and country side as the month progresses.  Here are some snippets from out walk this week.  The main find under the canopy was acorns.  Mostly still green, but beginning to fall.  James is always on the look out for those Acorn boys from one of his favourite tales - Woody, Hazel and Little Pip.

Fallen trees make great rocking horses,

and this wide sunken walk is great for running along, and up and down.

We find many interesting and beautiful delights in this woodland park.

and then we finish off with the last ice cream of the Summer (the little kiosk in the park is still open until the weekend),

before we wend our way home with treasures for our Autumn table.

Join in Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions to see more Autumn - or Spring treasures from around the world.


  1. Beautiful colors, especially the mushrooms.

  2. Oh, these pictures are so adorable of your son. The woodlands, the berries, acorns, leaves and mushroom all look like they have come alive from a picture book. Where we live in Australia we don't have these gorgeous acorns nor have I seen mushroom like yours! so perfect

  3. Your pictures are so very beautiful. We are out as much as we can be too - so much to see and imagine. I love all the magic that is acorns!

  4. Wow. What gorgeous photos! As much as i have come to love the desert, i envy you your walk. The photo of that bark in the lower lh corner of the mosaic took my breath away.

  5. Thank you for your comments.
    2LS - I am very much enjoying playing with mosaics just now - saves a lot of scrolling!
    The colours of Autumn are just amazing. I had never seen a red toadstool like that either -( it is a Fly Agaric), and then I noticed 3 - in plain view on a sunny grassy spot. I kept expecting to see a faery sitting on it.
    And yes - the magic of an acorn cap!
    Meggs, I did take that picture for you - it is a Silver Birch xx

  6. I just always feel inspired coming to your blog. That top photo is amazing.

  7. What beautiful pictures. It looks like a fairy tale woodsy adventure! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You live in such a beautiful place. I've always wanted to find a Fly Agaric (sp?) toadstool! I'm looking forward to our long walks through the forest when we go on holiday soon as I love collecting pine cones and leaves and all the other little treasures of Autumn. xx

  9. Jacqui I would like to pass to you a blog award which was given to me today, when you have some time please visit my blog.

    Have a beautiful day. xx

  10. what a gorgeous walk, i love the spotty mushrooms and acorns:) Yes my nature table was extra cute this on friday. Im a little concerned that my chooks will get to my sunflower bean cubby also, Im not quite sure how ill get around that yet i must confess! maybe some netting, wish me luck lol

  11. Oh, it looks so beautiful there where you are! What a lovely Auumn walk and great findings.


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